Lovely Yorkshire…

Tomorrow we are driving up to the Yorkshire Dales for the usual fly-by visit to see my family.  We are attempting a day drive with the kids.  Normally we opt for a night drive so they can sleep and not get bored…I am slightly nervous but as long as we stop for lunch it should be fine (Mr F is 3 1/2 and Mr C is 18months).

In anticipation F helped me make a banana cake to take with us along with a jar of whisky marmalade and a new owl for ‘gran’.  I have the pleasure of packing the car this afternoon.  Great fun.

Presents for Yorkshire

Just arrived!

As I was writing my first blog entry the postman delivered a lovely bag that I had ordered from Kathleen Watson  I am rather pleased as it’s very beautiful.  

I think the postman must get sick of delivering here, he is possibly one of the oldest postmen I have met and always has lots of little packets for me.  Luckily he comes in a van or I would feel really bad, but I am truly addicted to on-line shopping and to be honest, I find it the best way to source materials.

New bag from Kathleen Watson

Lovely new bag knitted by Kathleen Watson

Hello world!

To blog or not to blog?  That was the question and after an age of wondering will I have the time?  Will anyone read it anyway?  I can’t resist any longer.  I find it so fascinating reading the details of other peoples lives that I have decided to make time and start recording my own. 

First, a little introduction.  I am a wife and Mother of two very energetic young boys.  My first job is raising my family but I am addicted to sewing and crafting and have a online shop .

I have always been interested in art and textiles.  My Gran taught me to embroider and my Mother to sew.  I have a degree in Theater Design, specializing in Costume which allowed me to combine most of my interests.  I love vintage and have a large collection of clothing and objects that I prize (or a load of old rubbish as my husband would say). I would love to say I adore making roman blinds and decorating as this is where most of my artistic talents have gone over the last few years but to be honest, I do these things out of necessity.  I like the details.  My immediate environment is very important to me, especially as I am a stay-at-home mum, so I do put a lot of effort into creating a nice home and garden but I love making items for my shop.  I have too many ideas and not enough time, but don’t we all?

I think that’s enough for now.  I can see already that my tendency to waffle may be a problem, but hey, that’s just me 🙂