Wuthering Heights and Fat Rascals…

We survived the drive and had a lovely weekend in the Yorkshire Dales.  The wind howled around the farmhouse rattling the windows, reminding us that you pay for the amazing views, but we were comforted by good company and great food including Fat Rascals from Bettys .  These are a mixture of scones and rock cakes and are best eaten warm with butter.  Not great for the hips for heavenly!  

Bettys Tea Rooms are quite famous in Yorkshire with cafes in York, Ilkley, Northallerton and Harrogate.  Founded in 1919, they serve teas and meals in the traditional English style. I try to sneak a Bettys stop into most Yorkshire trips and love their neat little sandwiches cut into triangles with the crusts removed.  They still sell green frog marzipan cakes that my Gran would treat us to as children, perfect for the kids and the odd grown-up!

Fat Rascals

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