In case you thought I had missed it…

I thought I had better mention the snow, especially as it’s the most there has been here in Kent for years.  We returned from Yorkshire to a good couple of inches and bright sunshine which was was rather pretty.

F is snow

On Monday it snowed and snowed and snowed.  Pre-school is cancelled so F has been enjoying the usual 3yr old boy stuff…snow angels (getting covered from head to toe by rolling in snow), snowman building (and knocking it down just as mummy was about to take a photo) seeing how much snow he can throw at mummy, then demanding hot chocolate as soon as we get indoors.

It was interesting to see how many animals wander around our garden from their footprints.  The foxes have been in both nights and we have the usual rabbits and squirrels. I have a slight hatred of the rabbits as they eat all my flower beds but I feel bad for them in this snow, plus most of the rabbits around us have Myxomatosis which is a nasty disease.  I have gone to great pains to rabbit proof the garden over the past 2 years and now they come in over the wall from the road so I am giving up the fight.  I just wire fence all the flower beds over winter to give the spring plants a chance and have built a wire rabbit proof fence around the vegetable garden.

I scraped some of the snow off my raised flower beds to see if the hardy annuals have survived but it isn’t looking good.  They look quite frost damaged so I guess we will have to start again this spring.  A gardeners work is never done!

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