It’s a grey day…

OK, so I have to have a little moan.  I had a new delivery of Linen for my cats/bunnies which I buy from Tinsmith and it’s not cheap but it has a lovely quality that I can’t find anywhere else.  It’s a fine handwoven linen that has a slight texture and variation in colour. I have thought of buying in raw linen and dyeing it myself but the linen from Tinsmith is woven with two colours, white on the warp and then green on the weft which works well.  Anyhow, I rushed it into the wash (the linen is washable as is the polyester filling so that the toys can be put in the washing machine but I like to pre-wash it first).  

Yesterday, as I was marking out patterns I noticed that the colour was a bit off, in fact a lot off, it had a dirty look and on closer inspection the warp thread was grey instead of white.  I called Tinsmith who said, yes they know and have asked their supplier to make sure the next batch is back the original sample.  They did offer to swap the fabric but as I had already washed it, it was too late.

Having said that, now that I have made up a couple of new cats, it’s not too bad and I do like to have a variation in the colours of the bodies…I just would have preferred to be told that the colour was not correct before the order was sent out.  

All I have to do now is choose a dress.


Grey Cats

Grey Cats

One thought on “It’s a grey day…

  1. They look good to me. it is annoying though when people dont tell you of problems. on a simialr line, im still waiting on a pracel i ordered ages ago but its still not here yet!!
    ohh well, patience is a virtue as my mum used to say!

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