I love, love, love Marimekko…

OK, I know in my first blog I complained about not liking decorating and making Roman Blinds, I thought I would put this into context.  

I am on my third house renovation and over the years priorities have changed. Although I do love to change a space into something new and exciting I find now that I have two small children decorating is quite difficult to do. It doesn’t help that our current home was/is a pretty extensive renovation.  Think ‘Grand Designs’ on a slightly smaller scale with that lovely moment when the clients stand in the empty shell of their house with only the outside walls intact – that was us after every internal wall and joist was removed (also think going over budget, falling out with the builders, having a baby in the middle of the build etc, etc).  Having said that I am used to living with dust and builders and I love a finished room, I love the details that bring everything together.  

Over the years M and I have found a style that suits us both.  It always includes wooden floors, light walls and a mixture of old and new furniture (probably a little more old than M would like as I have some large pieces made by my family that I refuse to part with).  We have quite a lot of Scandinavian design in our house (mostly Arne Jacobson) and this extends to the blinds, all of which are in Marimekko fabrics.  I love Marimekko.  I love bright colours and patterns next to pale greys and green-white walls.  I am currently making blinds for my sister in one of my favorite designs, Lumimarja by Erja Hirvi.

I think this is why I love making the linen cats so much, pale linen next to bright cotton prints…hummmm…lovely. 


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