A girl can NEVER have too many bags…

In the spirit of learning new skills I decided to make the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag.

I bought the pattern and materials from u-handbag.com a fantastic site with an equally fantastic blog by Lisa Lam (very inspiring with lots of great tutorials).  I had some sale Ian Mankin Linen stashed away and I bought some Amy Butler fabric for the lining.  It has taken me about two days to make with a pretty large gap between whilst I hunted everywhere for a closed 30 inch zip (heavy weight).  In the end I gave up and had to buy and open-ended one but it has still worked. 

It was fun but putting the lining in was a bit of a pain so I am going to reward myself with a coffee and cake – yum!

As I write this F is watching The Goodies ‘Kung Fu Kapers’ where Bill Oddie reveals he is a master of the ancient Lancashire martial art of Ecky-Thump.  I am going to have to try and sneak this away.  It is his favourite and he was a very good boy all morning so I said he could watch it but as he has jumping around the living room wielding an invisible black pudding whilst doing kung-fu moves.  It really isn’t a good viewing choice for a small boy, but goodness it’s funny!

Amy Butler Weekender Bag

2 thoughts on “A girl can NEVER have too many bags…

  1. i love that blog!! it was the first one which i ever looked at properly! the bag looks great, im a bit of chicken with patterns so i try to make my own instead. enjoy your cake and coffee….it sounds tempting!!!

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