Yet more Bold and Brilliant colour…

These arrived in the post this morning


for the linen cat/bunnies and whilst putting them away, I realised just how pretty a lot of my supplies are and couldn’t resist a few photos.  (The beads came from beads unlimited as it was the only place I could find bright coloured 8mm varnished beads at a reasonable price).


One of the many collections of silks that I own, in this case in a silk roll that I inherited from my Gran.  I hope, in time, to replicate this for the shop along with a few other of my Gran’s sewing things.


My ric-rac jar, filled with brightly coloured (and some nice berry, blues and greens for the boys trousers) ric-rac.  Most come from Ribbonmoon where I also buy buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery supplies that I want in small amounts.


Finally, Nora’s lovely crochet flowers.  These are from a recent order and will soon be put to use.  I love ordering from Nora, she always delivers exactly what I ask for and is so lovely to deal with.

I could go on, there are the many bead jars, boxes of ribbons and neatly rolled bias binding but I figured I might be taking it a bit too far, besides the sun is shining and the garden calls.

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