I think the postman might collapse under the weight of my deliveries…

He’s not exactly a spring chicken and the wind here over the past few days was ferocious, he sort of leans into it whilst being weighed under with my parcels.

Here are some of my recent purchases:

New print from Emily Martin/The Black Apple

New print from Emily Martin/The Black Apple

I don’t normally buy prints as we still have all our pictures and photos in boxes, waiting for us to finish the house before putting on the walls (only three years on!) but I fell in love with this one from Emily Martin / The Black Apple on Etsy and think it will look great framed on the wall in my studio, I am loving the free bookmark.

Nora's Chihaha

Nora's Chihaha

Nora has started making Amiguruni animals and I couldn’t resist this Chihaha, how cute is he?

Traffic jam bunting

Traffic jam bunting

I bought this fantastic traffic jam bunting from Nicky at nickynackynoo on Folksy, it’s perfect for Charlie’s B-Day (which was last week) as he is a big fan of cars and in particular his toy London Red Bus.  Beep, beep!


Mrs Eliot Books/Francesca Iannaccone

Mrs Eliot Books/Francesca Iannaccone

These lovely cards and tea towel (wrapped, as it arrived this way but is a present so I am leaving it in the perfect wrapping) arrived this morning from Mrs Eliot Books/Francesca Iannaccone.  I really like her graphics work, it was Francesca who nominated me as a Folksy Featured Seller but I had already clocked her work and had a few cards I planned to buy amongst other things.


Doris and Sydney

Doris and Sydney

Finally, Doris and Sydney the hedgehogs – how cute are they!  Both are made by Sara Carr and I am so in love with Sydney I’m not sure I will be able to part with him.

All lovely things and it makes me feel good to support my fellow crafters/artists.

6 thoughts on “I think the postman might collapse under the weight of my deliveries…

    • most welcome, sorry about the not great photo (or writing!) but my children are very demanding today – the bunting is great if you have boys, it’s so hard to find things for their room that work with my taste (ie not too fussy or twee).

    • sydney is waiting to be posted (to a friend’s new baby) and I am a bit smitten….he is very, very cute!

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