Beautiful gifts…again

I love fountain pens.  I went to a very small (less than 20 kids) village primary school, where we were taught to write with old fashioned dip fountain pens…not all the time, just once in a while as one of the now slightly odd things we learnt at my primary school (we also learnt French, did Yoga indoors when outside gym was rained off, and had lunch outside on sunny days by taking all the tables out).  When I went to the local girls grammar my Aunt bought me a blue Parker 25 with my name engraved on the side.  I think this was the usual ‘going to secondary school’ present as everyone had them and like everyone else, I regularly left it on my desk with the lid off so it fell and crushed the nib.  I gave up, besides they stopped selling the nibs.

A few years ago I mentioned I would like a fountain pen and my lovely husband bought me for Christmas, a vintage Parker Vacumatic, I was very, very pleased.  He also printed out all the info so I could date my pen (the case was made in 1939 but it was put together during the WW2), didn’t he do well?  big round off applause for that one.  I bought myself some nice Mocha Parker writing ink…then some more as the shop told me it was being discontinued…in fact I bought their remaining supply along with some green.  

As I always say, it’s all in the detail for me and so I like to write any messages etc on my Linen Cat orders in green ink but I worry about dropping my Parker Vac or the kids getting hold of it if I leave it for a moment unattended so last week I treated myself to a ‘new’ vintage Parker Aerometric 51 in green (it was £35 so not too bad a price and made in the 50’s or 60’s) at the same time I managed to buy some new nibs for my old Parker 25 so now I have 3 lovely working fountain pens.

I realise this isn’t much of a crafty subject but I think vintage pens make really nice presents, especially for men who can be very hard to buy for.

The two sites I use are:

The Battersea Pens Home

Vintage Fountain Pens

Do I have enough fountain pens..?

Do I have enough fountain pens..?

I definitely have enough ink!

I definitely have enough ink!

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