Folksy Featured Sellers for June…

After the pleasure of being a Folksy Featured Seller for May, I have had my name picked out of a hat to choose the Sellers for June.  It wasn’t as easy as I had initially thought, there are so many talented people selling on Folksy, the more I looked, the harder the choice.  Also quite a few people don’t meet the criteria (for instance having a minimum of five items for sale), but after neglecting my boys (not really!) in favour of my laptop for a few days here is my list:




Hide n Seek – I became a bit obsessed whilst viewing this shop, needing to look at every beautiful illustration in detail.  I was instantly taken back to my childhood with memories of old story books full of fairytales that I used to read, worlds I wanted to live in.  I especially love the postcards, great to collect.




Jemima Lumley Jewellery – Jemima makes stunning jewellery with bird, butterfly and flower details.  I am fascinated by her idea of rolling sheets of silver with vintage lace and have already added a number of her pieces to my ‘Favourites’ list.




Plain Jane Textiles – I love Sarah’s range of quirky and environmentally friendly hand-printed textiles.  I like the bright, retro style and the simple designs.  The new hand printed notebooks are a must as is this cute mirror.




Treaclezoo – Don’t these look good enough to eat? Along with crochet jammy dodgers, party rings and many more, it practically makes my mouth water.  There are also plenty of cute amigurumi animals and dinky strawberry charms to choose from.  Loads of fun!

I really enjoyed being one of the May Sellers, so thanks Folksy and good luck to everyone in June.

12 thoughts on “Folksy Featured Sellers for June…

  1. What a lovely surprise to wake up to! And what fun!! Thank you, Beth, for giving Treaclezoo a shout: to be amongst such gorgeous shops, what an honour. Many thanks indeed & all the best to everyone :o)

  2. Thanks so much for choosing me Beth! And I love your other choices… and I love your shop! Sigh…. so many gorgeous things so little money!

  3. Beautiful and talented artists and so greatly honoured and happy to be featured along side them 🙂

    Thank you thank you thank you again sweet Beth for this act of awesomeness! 🙂

    Take care and plenty more bear hugs your way!
    Eloise xxxx

  4. I really enjoyed browsing the different Folksy categories and I am very glad to think I have brought a smile to a few people. Enjoy your time as a Featured Seller.

    Oh, for anyone interested these were the criteria as set out by Folksy:

    1. 4 shops
    2. Different types of ‘things’ for sale and craft practices (so we get a range)
    3. Must use good quality images
    4. Must have at least five items for sale in the shop at time of choosing
    5. A bit of blurb about why you chose each one

    Oh and no “best friends” pls 🙂

    1. I agree, plain jane textiles are in wonderful colours. I think I may update the blog photo as it doesn’t really do them justice.

  5. hi, I really love your featured choices, I’m particully partial to treaclezoo’s yummy treats and I have all these as favourites!. I love hide and seeks prints they also make me think of snow!!and old fashioned fairy tales! such beautiful prints I adore them

    1. glad you like my choices, it was tough! there are is some lovely work for sale on folksy but I am very happy with my final four.

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