‘Wet Yorkshire’ mode…


Half finished jobs finally finished...

Half finished jobs finally finished...

I have been in ‘wet Yorkshire’ mode.  Not sure why, we did have a lot of wind and wet weather here (blooming lovely over the past week though, got the old paddeling pool out for the kids etc) but it’s odder than that, I have a specific memory in mind of walking in Strid Wood after a heavy shower, in summer and that warm wet smell you get…huge amounts of green everywhere…dry stone walls, wild flowers…can’t stop thinking about it…I may be loosing my mind!  

It makes me think of heather purples and tweed which is kind of throwing my sewing out of line as I am not much in the mood for spring and summer products and colours.   Also, I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing recently I just kind of took a little break, it wasn’t so much as being uninspired as just stopped and got busy with other things (including half term so Felix is at home as well as Charlie).  It’s also the busiest time in the garden which is an added distraction, but I finally got going again last week by forcing myself to finish all those pesky half done jobs that sit around making a mess.  I had a number of linen cat/bunny dresses cut out but not sewn and some mouse egg cosies that had never been lined, along with other bits and bobs.  It was quite good, a sort of a sewing spring clean.   I have also decided to add a SALE section to my online shop (wont go ‘live’ until next week) to clear out some stock, mainly bits and pieces that I think I will no longer make, or that were made using sample fabric, there is nothing wrong with them and they are made to my usual standard but they don’t fit into my normal collection.  And finally, whilst my head is in ‘wet Yorkshire’ mode of thinking I have started to work on Christmas products….yes, you read that right, I know it’s June but I have a few things I know I want to make and need to work through the designs plus it was a great excuse to buy fancy silk fabric which I am loving.

The flower photo (peonies) is just because I fell in love with the fantastic bright pink with yellow and had to record it somewhere.

OK, off to dream of tweedy walks on heather moors…


8 thoughts on “‘Wet Yorkshire’ mode…

    • I spent the weekend in Spain (Hen weekend) and came back in summer mode to wind and rain! Typical Brit, never happy with the weather!

  1. the dresses for the cats look ace…do you do them in adult sizes? hehe!
    good luck with the christmas designs….(dont worry i had a practice at somthing for christmas the other day!)

  2. I know! I think I secretly make dresses I would like to wear!

    I think I will loose my ‘wet yorkshire’ mode this weekend as I’m off to Spain for a hen. If I don’t I’ll have to watch Wuthering Heights when I get back, that should get it out of my system!

  3. Am loving your gorgeous goodies – and your blog! You seem to be cropping up everywhere at the moment – saw the Linen Cat featured on Bambino Goodies – well done you! Great to see a fellow craftsperson doing so well.
    Best wishesxx

    • Thanks Kirsty, I get very excited to see my work anywhere (rather over-excited actually!) and it’s lovely to get such positive feedback.

  4. Ee ba gum lass cairn’t beat a bit of yorkshire can ya!! Hope you’ve had fun. Those dresses are just gorgeous. Hope all going well. Karen x

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