And relax…sigh…

I’ve had a really nice day today.  Don’t get me wrong, I often have really nice days but it has been a bit hectic and stressful around here recently and today everything seemed to slow down to a nice relaxing pace.  The boys let me sleep until 6.30 which is pretty good for them and (forgot to mention in last post that we are all sick) all our colds are nearly gone, just a few coughs from the boys and my cheese grated throat feels normal, in fact I feel quite perky which is good as M has drunk our substantial stock of Night Nurse…I think he may have an addiction here as I am always buying it but personally only use it about 3 times a year, if that…he get’s ‘man flu’ a lot!


So, after a bit of a ‘lie-in’ I spent the day embroidering Christmas products (more about that at a more appropriate time of year) and making a Teddy for a cousins new baby girl, Poppy, what a lovely name.  I put a ‘P’ on teddy’s belly which was a plan that’s been in my head for some time, I will have to decide if I can face making this personalised version to order in the shop, as having young kids, my time isn’t very consistent so I generally prefer to offer ready made stock.

I had time to potter in the vegetable patch and made an Irish stew which I am going to have for dinner tonight with parsley dumplings.   I may even treat myself to a movie (we have Apple TV so we can buy movies on-line from ITunes).  Of course Mr F is testing my patience trying to kill Charlie every few minutes but that’s the way it always is so I just need to get on with that one.  


Finally I cleared up the Studio in an attempt at ‘tidy home, tidy mind’ or in may case ‘bit tidier, bit less stress/guilt’.  I found all the old samples that evolved into Teddy so laid them out for a photo.  One of my original designs on paper was for a ‘lavender sleep bunny’ for babies.  I abandoned the lavender quite quickly on the basis that anything in bed with a baby will need washing at some point and soggy lavender, even if mixed in with stuffing didn’t seem like a good idea.  You can see the progress above, lavender bunny developed into my Wool Baby Bunnies and the original pattern was used as a base to create Teddy (have to think of a proper name).  I find it helps if I use the same basic, simple shapes and patterns for similar  products, so the shop has an overall continuity.

To add to the sweetness of my day, F decided that the original Teddy sample had been made for him and took it to bed to cuddle, which is pretty amazing for a 4 yr old who is obsessed with plastic Gormiti and Ben 10.  OK. Time to go and heat up my stew and sort out that movie.

5 thoughts on “And relax…sigh…

  1. Lovely things! You sound frighteningly productive for someone with 2 small boys…I doff my cap to you! I barely have time to unload the dishwasher now the holidays have started…although my consignment of kids DVDs arrived from Amazon today, hence I am now time-wasting on the net instead of tidying up the mess…

    • Hi Flora. It’s all a mirage, believe me. I was thinking today that I should photo our living room towards the end of the day but I think it would frighten anyone who hasn’t got kids!!! Loving the DVD comment and was shocked today to hear my barely talking 2yr old singing along to Cbeebies summer song and knowing all the words – oops!.

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for the comment – you beat me to it – I was just logging on to let you know I’d been inspired by your corner cutter! It’s fab! Just thinking what I can do next, very satisfying & beats housework any day!
    I don’t know how you manage to get so much done, I’m finding it very hard with the 2 little ones to get any proper crafting done, doesn’t help that my workroom is an absolute disgrace, that’ll be ths next job… and on it goes!
    Take care,

  3. Hello! These bears do make me smile – very sweet – the kind of thing that could very easily become a child’s longtime friend.

    • Hi Jo. Glad you like them, the wool is a cashmere blend so they are very snuggly. Still need to fiddle a bit and see how they wash but I am pleased so far. I will be visiting you guys soon as you have some lovely new fabrics!

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