And yet MORE lovely things…

A new Orla Kiely bag arrived in the post today.  For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember that not long ago I got a lovely new Orla K bag for my Birthday and may wonder why I need another (apart from a girl never having too many bags of course).  Do I have shares in Orla K?  Am I getting commission?  No, this


happened to my last new bag, a slight accident involving a hob (which I thought was an induction hob) a smallish kitchen and a 2 yr old whilst we were on holiday in Germany a while ago.  I nearly cried but I was happy we hadn’t burnt the flat down.  So, hubby, who spotted the burning rubber smell broke the news to me with ‘you will be upset but don’t worry you can have a new one ‘ and I have been waiting in the hope they would re-stock the original bag I chose.  They haven’t so I have bought:


instead and as it was in the SALE I snook in a new purse as well.  I know I bang on about Orla K and her things are quite pricey but I do highly recommend her Big Zip wallets, my old one was the first thing I ever bought, many years ago and has lasted me well, in fact most of the ladies in my family use them now so they must be good.  Also, I think I have never mentioned it before but Tinsmith sell Orla Kiely fabric, mainly oilcloth but great for covering tables and if you fancy making your own bag.

The stack of fabric in the photo is for a project I started today which I hope to complete by the end of the week, so far it looks like this:


Right, off to cook tuna steak for tea.

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