You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream…


Whilst there is a hint of summer again I thought I would introduce this little fun gadget to anyone may not have come across it.  It’s an Ice Cream Ball and it’s quite cool, here’s how it works:

First, it’s a good idea not to allow your 4 yr old to find the ball at the back of the kitchen where you have been storing it when you don’t have the ingredients as the day of agonizing wait for the Ocado man (otherwise known as the ‘shopping man’ in our house) takes the repetative ‘is he here yet’ to a whole new level.  Once the Ocado man does arrive put your ice cream ingredients on one end of the ball (basic ingredients are cream, sugar and vanilla but there are lots of recipes included) and fill the other end with ice and rock salt.

In my case, frantically bash an old bag of ice with a rolling pin on the kitchen table to try and get the pieces small enough to put into the ball, all the time knowing you don’t really have enough to fill it and every few moments fishing bits off the floor that have flown out of a small hole in the bag.  Fall over on the ice water on kitchen floor, curse the blasted ice cream ball.

Take the filled ice cream ball outside, realise your 4 yr old has completely lost interest at the point when you have to ‘shake’ and roll the ball about for 10 mins (obviously, in a crowd this is the fun bit) so stand like an idiot in your own garden doing a trance like jig until the 10mins is up and your arms feel like they might fall off.  Open the ball.  Realise you can’t, read in the instructions that there should be a gadget to help do this and try to get 4yr old so say where this magic gadget might be.  Give in and go find a mallet, open the ice cream end of the ball, scrape and mix, close and jig about for another 5 mins or so.  Collapse exhausted in a heap in time to see youngest with mallet walking towards lovely glass walls of kitchen.  Run very fast to separate child and mallet (and get camera because actaully he does look cute in a maniac kind of way).


Finally, open ice cream ball with use of mallet and relax with double thumbs up from ‘the ice cream king’.


If he says it’s good it must be:)

Not the best photo but you get the idea

Not the best photo but you get the idea

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