Changing rooms…

As part of getting into the right frame of mind for the builders I have been looking back at old photos of our past houses and thought I would share some with you.

When in my mid 20’s, I inherited enough money to buy my first flat.  I was a cash-in-hand waitress, I didn’t think I would be stepping on the property ladder for years but I am glad I had the sense to put it into property.  I bought a very run down maisonette in London, Oval.  I had little spare cash so I did everything myself, something I am very proud of, including the tiling, the plumbing and fitting a wooden floor.  It was a learning curve but with a background as a Theatre Designer and a bunch of skills learnt from helping my Mum decorate I knew I would be OK.  Here are a few pictures:

The old kitchen, sink side.
The old kitchen, sink side.
Mess and me...this is over 10yrs ago, I don't look like that now!
Mess and me...this is over 10yrs ago, I don't look like that now!
My, that tiling is good!
My, that tiling is good! the units are Habitat Olivia free standing, we still have the table as out kitchen table in the current house.

Let me stress this next photo is after I met M and he moved into my flat.

Mid decoration - Oh dear!
Mid decoration - Oh dear!
Ta da!  Now that's a transformation...where did all the stuff go?
Ta da! Now that's a transformation...where did all the stuff go? (into a unit at Big Yellow that's where)

After I met M and we were engaged we moved out of London to a village in Kent where we bought our first house together, a lovely cottage with a small but perfect walled garden.  We employed a builder here and had the kitchen made, although I still did all the painting and M stripped the boards throughout the house.

The day we viewed the house - old kitchen.
The day we viewed the house - old kitchen.
New kitchen
New kitchen



Like most couples, M and I don’t have entirely the same taste.  He hates that I have a lot of possessions and that a lot of the furniture is mine, especially the things that I have inherited from my family that I prize but that he sees as a burden.  Over the years things have balanced out a bit, the above is a metal 1950’s filing cabinet that we bought together and is now one of our prized pieces and we have found a balance that suits us both.

The final photo is very typical of my taste.  I like a very eclectic mix, this is the spare bedroom of our old house that was being used as F’s first room:


The pine chest of draws is mine from when I was 15 and decided I wanted to strip the 80’s primary colours from my bedroom and go all Victorian.  Luckily my Mother let me go for it and bought me some old pine furniture.  I used my first waitress wages, at 15yrs, to buy an antique iron bedstead to complete the look which I still have, stored at present in our shed.  The chair is an original Arne Jacobsen Egg chair that M bought me as a maternity present.  The blind is the first Roman blind I made, and is done in Classic Uniko fabric from Marimekko.  The clown was my grans, the bird mobile came from Holz toys, the lampshade is by Le Kint (you can get fantastic similar ones from Ikea at the fraction of the price) and finally the hand knitted jumper and jacket, just visible are by Small Acorn, who I am dying to put on my ‘lovely gifts’ link but they seem to still be ‘taking a break’.

I hope I haven’t bored you but I am aware I don’t post many photos of our house, partly because a lot of it is boxed and the rest is covered in kids toys!

7 thoughts on “Changing rooms…

    1. glad you like it! I look at the old house and flat photos to inspire me to get this place into order, I always think how tidy they look until my husband points out that we moved loads of stuff out of the way to take the photos!! think I need to order a skip.

    1. Hi, I was very proud of that first kitchen, especially as I did the plumbing (including freezing and cutting the existing pipes which was quite exciting!) and tiling etc. It was hard work but was worth it.

  1. Wow, love that chair – why didn’t I end up with a man who buys cool maternity gifts like that?! Good luck with the builders – don’t envy you!

    1. Hi Kirsty, it helps that he’s German as I spent ages telling him that EVERYONE here in the UK gets a maternity present and he fell for it. Shameless manipulation!

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