Is it a giant cushion? Is it a duvet storage bag?…

The clue is in the title.

We have too much stuff and a 2/3 finished house.  After over a year living without builders we are finally getting quotes to get the old extension on the back of our house changed into a hallway.  This will transform how we live as it will involve a new entrance, a nice straight staircase so we can get all our furniture upstairs (a lot of which is over filling our living room), underfloor heating and a wooden floor in our living space which is at the moment a concrete floor covered by some very cheap lino.  I have mixed feelings, I have enjoyed a year builder free and they will have to knock a large hole in the side of the house so it will be very invasive and dusty, but I am very excited about putting all the boxes away and being able to add the finishing touches.  It makes me look at the existing space with fresh eyes and I suddenly feel the need to get things a bit better organised.


As part of our ‘too much stuff’ we have a vast collection of duvets and a small but beautiful collection of vintage Eiderdowns that came from my Gran that I refuse to part with.  They take up a large amount of space in the overstuffed linen cupboard, and so, I present to you the giant-floor-cushion-stuffed-with-a-folded-duvet, two in fact appliqued with each of the boys initials.  They were quite quick to make (less than a day each whilst also on Mum duty) and F has been dragging his around for the past couple of days as happy as a pig in muck.  They are very squishy but fluff instantly back into shape when picked up and simply ‘dropped’ on the floor and the linen works well, it’s pre-washed for shrinkage so should be OK in the machine and as it’s quite a heavy soft linen it looks smart even after being dragged up and down the stairs by a 4yr old.


Even hubby was impressed and it means he can’t put pressure on me to reduce my eiderdown collection – hurray!  As a final photo, I wasn’t sure the scale of the floor cushions really shows so here is one with an egg cosy on it – see, they are pretty big.


5 thoughts on “Is it a giant cushion? Is it a duvet storage bag?…

    • Hi Pomona, thanks for your comment. I am sure it’s not an original idea, but I was quite pleased. I need to post an update as there are already lessons learnt, like maybe pad the top of the cushion (which I did think about doing) to protect the duvet inside a bit from child spills like pink fab lolly!! We live and learn. Bx

    • Ha ha, thanks 🙂 They do work really well except for my kids sometimes spilling drinks on them that go through to the duvet. We have since banned drinks other than water in the living room, but that’s mainly due to a new cream sofa and rug, probably no the best idea with small kids!

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