Something old, something new…

I mentioned in a past post about owning a lot of lovely sewing things that I inherited from my Gran, in fact, most of my ‘things’ came from my Gran, she was a hoarder and provided my early collections of vintage clothing etc.  The photo I use in my About Me page is at her house dressing up in some of this vintage stash,  below is the full shot including my sister (on the right), the length of skirts always amazes me I virtually have my knickers on show!


Anyhow, I digress.  So I finally made a start on updating and copying some of these lovely objects starting with the silks roll.  The original serves it’s purpose well but is full of old silks and I prefer to leave them as they are


so here is the updated version


I love cow parsley, I grow the florists version (Ammi Major) in my cutting patch and wake every morning to blinds printed in ‘Putkinotko’, which is a 1957 design by Maija Isola for Marimekko.


so I have been planning to use the outline for a while, I was thinking cushions but decided to downscale and use beads for the flowers.


As you can see, there are still improvements to be made, the linen, although a great weight is the wrong colour for the bead embroidery which you can barely see, but it’s a start.  The long term plan is to add a section to the shop selling sewing accessories, mostly replicas of my Gran’s things, but I am in no hurry I have plenty to be getting on with at the moment and I know that Christmas will come crashing in no matter how far ahead I plan.  The C word again, and in August!  hush up lady 😉

7 thoughts on “Something old, something new…

  1. The cow parsley motif is beautiful.

    I too have photos of myself around the same age with extremely high hemlines, must have been the fashion then though I certainly wouldn’t let my daughter out like that now! Funny how some things have changed.

    • I am dying to know who your first catalogue came from, that’s nuts! glad you like the roll, I can see it becoming an important part of my sewing kit already, in fact I like it so much I have ordered new linen to make some for the shop.

  2. Wowawee, That is gorgeous! I love it and think that the motif is wonderful, I love cow parsley too, its such a simple but striking structure.

    Well done, a really lovely idea.
    Love Kitty xXx

    • Hey Kitty, glad you like the silk roll, I have been using it all week and it works well for holding the silks whilst you pull out a thread so I am pleased (thanks to my Gran for the idea!). I have sooooo many places I want to use the cow parsley embroidery, need to watch I don’t go overboard. Bx

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