Stuffing stuff…


The production line has been rolling and I have been busy stuffing stuff!  I always think there is a comical cartoon look about flat softies, they sort of look like they have been run over, I like bringing them to life with a bit of filler it makes all the hard work worth while.


So after a minor bit of tweaking the first Little Bears are finished.  They were really nice to make as the cashmere blend is very soft to work with.  I’m not sure if it’s just me but I get really sensitive fingers if I work a lot with rough or synthetic fibers, the polyester stuffing is a killer so I tend to break up that job, it’s OK at first but after a while it kind of makes my teeth go on edge and my fingers really uncomfortable, it’s always been the case and is why I favour natural fabrics…could just be me?!

Anyhow,  ‘Teddy’ became a Bear, not sure why but once made ‘Little Bear’ seemed better then ‘Little Ted’.  The original sample passed the wash test with flying colours (gentle hand wash, spin and line dry but I think it will probably survive a machine wool wash, will try this next) so I am very happy to have added them to my shop where they fill a nice spot of affordable present for younger children.


How cute is that!

3 thoughts on “Stuffing stuff…

  1. The little bears are gorgeous. I do prefer the one in the last photo with the orangey brown stitching as opposed to the blue stitching though, was he a prototype?

    You’ve been very busy, I’m hoping to get back to doing my “proper” crafting, feeling very unmotivated, hoping that other people’s work will inspire me!

    • Hello, yes, I think you are right. The orangey bear was the sample but when I put the photos up I thought the same thing so I think I will revert back to orange stitching for the next batch.

      I always find the change in season gets me motivated, it’s a bit dull being indoors working when you feel you should be outside. I am quite looking forward to the Autumn, it brings in new colours and allows me to go crazy with tweed!

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