Getting there, slowly…

I am getting a bit frustrated by the state of the house and my motivation, generally, is rather low so I decided to focus this week on finishing sewing projects.  I made my first Amy Butler Weekender Bag last February (see this post for all the details) and both my Mother and Sister (who never read my blog so I am safe to write about this) keep asking if they can have one.  I thought they would make great Christmas presents, they are not cheap to make and if I am honest I find elements rather frustrating, such as sewing in the lining and watching my poor machine huff and puff trying to stitch through all the layers, but I think it’s worth it.  They take about 2 days each, whilst also on Mummy duty but I spread these two over a longer period so as to not get frustrated and make silly mistakes.


I used the first bag I made so much I fancied a tweed version so the green bag at the back is another for me, the blue is for my sister.  When my machine has recovered from these two, I have another to make for my Mother, but there is plenty of time so I am taking a bag break.

ab14slate1233004597_755 ab14mustard1233004541_370

The linings are in Amy Butler’s ‘Lotus Morning Glory’ in slate and mustard, both fabrics were bought from Saints and Pinners and work really well with the colours in the tweed (bought on ebay).  The lining is supposed to be in a heavier weight fabric but the tweed, especially the blue is super thick so I used dress weight lining to give my machine a chance.  It’s times like these when I long for a nice industrial machine.  I also tweak the pattern and making instructions to suit, the cord piping is supposed to be in the lining fabric as a contrast but I prefer it also in the tweed.

My reward for finally getting the lining stitched in was to make a tweed bird to use in the wrapping of my sister’s bag.  I have a love of brown paper with pretty ribbon and ‘things’ attached.


I am rather miffed that the bird works better in these colours than the new batches I made for the shop! Oh well.

Time to go and fetch F from school, best be off.

17 thoughts on “Getting there, slowly…

  1. Those bags are amazing Beth! Your sister (and eventually your Mum!) will be chuffed to bits to receive those. And I can just picture that gorgeous bird hanging from the brown paper too. x

  2. they look absolutly amasing! well done you.i know what you mean about worrying about the machine..i tend to close my eyes and hope for the best when im sewing thick stuff

  3. Lovely bags! My Elna has been making awful clonking noises today -I’m sure it needs servicing, but I need it so badly at the moment, can’t possibly do without it!

    1. I found a man who comes to the house to service the sewing machine, although It has only been serviced twice in 15 yrs!!

    1. Glad you like them. I am rather putting off making the last bag, but as Christmas is approaching faster than I would like I had better shake a leg!

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