Loosing my head…

It would appear my sister does read my blog (see last post), or she did for the very first time the other day and so now knows her Christmas present…..Doh!  Also, as I started on the School run (I have to do this everyday for how many years? how depressing) I passed a line of 10 electricity vans parked along our road complete with men in florescent jackets standing about having a natter.  Had they just done this to annoy me, having to try and negotiate my way past them in our narrow road? or…oh wait…now I remember, the letter we received a while back warning us about a half day power cut whilst essential work is carried out,  the one Charlie used to scribble on and I thought, “must remember to pick that up and attach it to the fridge so I don’t forget about it”,  that would be today then.  Double Doh!  I frantically tried to phone ‘husband’ to ask him to put the kettle on before he left the house for work and to plug my laptop in (C is sick and I may need DVD emergency back-up entertainment) but to no avail.  It was not a good start to the day and after a night awake wondering how a small child can snore sooooo loudly.


It got better.  The builders had a generator so I did get a morning coffee and I resigned myself to spending the majority of the day sewing the bead hanging threads on this lot



by 2.30 the electricity was back on and after School run again (really, every day for how many years?) I zoomed them into:


well, not all at once, it takes me a few days to actually post any blog entry I write so I spent this morning sewing before the photo.  Sorry about the bad light but I needed to clear the kitchen table for lunch.

The Christmas Bird decorations are to be sold in sets of 3, the Robins and the Golden/Purple set.  They still need eyes which were to be seed beads but I may swap to metallic fabric paint dots, after which I will get the final photographs taken.  I started them forever ago and have been taking my time but I’m glad to see they are nearly done, it lightens the load of my mild panic about Christmas stock.

I feel my blog has been mostly Shop and not enough of other people’s nice things recently, sorry about that, I do have a number of half written posts and promise to get the relevant photos taken and the posts published soon.

3 thoughts on “Loosing my head…

  1. Hi
    Love the bags Beth!! Will have to order some christams robins from you when they are ready. Hopefully see you at the weekend for a natter!

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