It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…

I am feeling very lucky right now.  The builders got the roof on a couple of weeks ago and a few days later the rain came; It’s much needed, there has been very little rain here in Kent and the garden has been looking a little pathetic as a result, but oh am I glad we got the roof on first!   The builders took a break last week, on another job and waiting for our windows to be ready but before they left they put our new staircase in which is a major development as it’s straight so for the first time in 3 years we are able to move some of the larger pieces of furniture upstairs.  This includes my beloved glass fronted cabinate which is one of 3 items I bought while I was waiting for the sale of my first flat to complete, many, many years ago (good old Ilkley Salerooms have a lot to answer for).  I have always assumed it would house my fabric and nic-nak collection which, of course, would be perfectly displayed through it’s lovely glass doors.  In reality it has been stuffed to the gills with all sorts over the past few years, it’s like a Tardis and on emptying it to carry upstairs I filled all the kitchen surfaces with it’s contents.



And that’s just some of it, there was also a large box of of old sketch books and art supplies and another of millinery bits and bobs along with my most precious vintage books.


Whilst the said cabinate has been in the living room we (well, I) put a plain ‘etching’ film on the front, party to hide the mess inside but also because the glass is not safety glass, so should the boys break it the film should hold the glass fragments together, at least that’s the theory.  I decided to remove this and replace with an etching film containing a pattern from FrostBrite.  We have used this design before in the bathroom and I really like it as it works well with all our Marimekko blinds.  We have also used film from PurlFrost in the past who have some nice designs but are a little more expensive.


(This is a shot of the bathroom window as it’s hard to see the design on the cabinet glass).

There is a definite knack to attaching the film, I rushed and creased it whilst trying to peel of the backing paper, I hadn’t enough time and it was getting dark.  I am rather cross with myself, but it’s done now.  The other thing I noticed was the film from FrostBite isn’t as dense as the one we have used from PurlFrost so creates a more see through effect.  Still, I like it and feel happier that the glass is a little safer.

Just to illustrate how long ago I imagined this cabinet in my ‘studio’ I bought this paper from the large Paperchase on Totternaham Court Road


for lining the shelves over 3 years ago (shuuush, don’t tell the husband, he already thinks I’m nuts but I tend to buy things I fall in love with if I see where I plan to use them, I just didn’t think it would be 3 years).  They used to have a floor of handmade and art paper, not sure if they still do?


The best thing is being able to have some of my vintage stash out on display, mostly things that belonged to my Gran and finally being able to put my fabric away safe from dust and direct light.


Last shot is of the lovely Hector Wall Light…not sure where it came from, I am a canny internet shopper and spent a while getting the lowest price, we have one on either side of the room.  I bought a Hector bedside lamp years ago, in fact from Laura Ashley for a very, very reasonable price before they became a hit and the price soared.

So, the builders are back next week and hopefully they will be all done by Friday and I can have my house back.  I am rather too excited!

5 thoughts on “It’s Raining, it’s Pouring…

  1. the cabinet looks lovely! and all of your old supplies look lovely. im glad that you had a roof in time for the rain!!

  2. Snap – we have those wall lights in the kitchen! We got ours from Baileys Home & Garden.

    I love window frosting paper – we bought a lovely floral one for our kitchen windows, behind the sink. It is a bugger to put on tho – lots of patience and the promise of a glass of vino after!

    It all looks fantastic and hope you are enjoying it x

    1. You were spot on with the frosting paper it is a bugger to put on, even with all the practice I have had, I’m not sure a single glass of wine is enough!!

  3. Looks like a great project. You are right – it makes the frosted film harder to instal;l when it has cut outs but looks like you did a good job. Just a word of warning. Frosted films are not thick enough to act as a safety film – it will be around 38-50 microns whereas a safety film is 100 microns. It will give you a little more protection than having nothing on but nowhere near the protection of health and safety standards. If someone falls into the glass with enough force, for instance, it will not hold. I’d recommend a clear safety film – you wouldn’t tell it was on and for a window like that you’d probably be looking at under £20 delivered.

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