I’ve won an award…

From the lovely Lyn over at Everyday Life, whose fabulous photos always shame me for just pointing my camera and pressing the button, must make more of an effort to learn how to use my (husband’s) camera properly.  Thank you Lyn!


The ‘Lemonade’ award is for, “seeing blessings where they’re not obvious and making lemonade instead if complaining about sour lemons”  and I believe I need to list some things that I am grateful for and then pass along, so here goes:

  • Top of the list, my family and friends, especially my lovely boys who drive me bonkers but I can’t imagine life without.
  • My health (I imagine everyone’s list starts with these two) and that of my family.
  • Having the time to indulge in the arty, crafty world that brings me so much pleasure.  I am a happier and therefor nicer person for it.
  • Our lovely home, we really are very lucky.
  • Right now, the glass of sherry I just poured from a bottle my sister has conveniently left out at her holiday cottage (where we are staying) that goes so perfectly with catching up on blogworld whilst the wind howls and the rain batters the window…..wonder if she has a secret chocolate stash somewhere…?

I would like to pass this award on to:

Anne of Andamento


Flora of Through the Round Window

Kirsty at sixty one A

Bex of Bex Buttons and joint with El, also Stuffed Nonsense – now Bex & El, I am sure you have already been awarded this but your blog is so cheery I have to send it to you again, sorry.

Ladies, (are there any male arty/crafty/vintage bloggers out there?) feel free to attach this award to your blog but don’t feel you have to forward it along, I believe some of you may have been given similar blog awards before, I just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blogs; I am rather nosey and I find them very inspiring.  It’s nice to be part of this ‘gang’ and it has certainly brought me a lot of pleasure over the last year, can’t believe I didn’t start blog writing and reading sooner.

Blimey, the wind really is lashing the cottage, I swear I can hear Cathy tapping at the windows!

2 thoughts on “I’ve won an award…

  1. Why thank you sweet lady! That has made my day (and it has needed “making”, as I’ve been a grumpy shouty banshee horror mother today..urgh)

    I agree with your last paragraph wholeheartedly…and return the sentiment. I am always inspired by your energy and creativity even when you have been woken up at silly o’clock and your house is being knocked down around you!

    Cheers! [raises glass of cheap red plonk to chink with your sherry]

  2. Hi Beth, thanks so much for the award, I’m going to have to sit down for a while once the kids are in bed and have a good think!
    Best wishes from Cornwall xx

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