The Yorkshire Dales…(do I work for the tourist board?!)

As you may have gathered, we are on holiday, back at ‘home’ in the Yorkshire Dales, we normally stay here

the riddings 2

the riddings

which is the family farm I grew up on, just outside Bolton Abbey, as you can see from the second shot it’s a little isolated although very beautiful.  On this trip, we are staying in the next village down, Burnsall, in my sister’s newly done up cottage which I made these blinds for a while ago.  It’s lovely, no cleaning, no real cooking, rather too much eating but plenty of walking to make up for it.



The cottage has some lovely finishing touches such as this lampshade, can’t find who the designer is but I’ll add it later.  (UPDATE: Thanks to Karen and Flora, the lampshade is by Lush Designs, thanks ladies!)


Burnsall is the village my Gran lived in, I still think of her sitting at the window in the living room every time we pass ‘her’ house, she loved to watch the world go by.  I highly recommend Burnsall as a holiday venue if you fancy a trip to the Dales, it’s a quiet village but has a splendid shop (Shop on the Green) selling all the basics and some very lovely homemade cakes with a cafe along side.  There is the Red Lion and The Devonshire Fell to eat and stay at and I believe you can get take away pizza at the RL.  Really the rest is about beautiful countryside, even in the rain which is has pretty much done since we arrived as you can see from this shot taken from a single pane of the kitchen window.


One of the nice things about the cottage is the bits and pieces that were made by Gran, if you squint closely at the photo of the living room you can see a needlepoint calender hanging on the RHS.  I remember her stitching this, in fact I now have the pattern.  Two of the months look like this



If you fancy somewhere a bit more lively, Grassington is the next village along, all my Mother’s family live here so we will be doing a number of visits.  Grassington is a larger village with quite a few shops and eating places, it hosts Grassington Festival and also one of the original Dickensian weekends and is, of course surrounded by amazing countryside and walks.

Now, I am one of those people who has a bit of a food obsession in that I love growing, cooking and eating.  I love the memories that food evokes and there are a few must haves for me on a visit to Yorkshire.


Yorkshire mixture, which is basically a mix of boiled sweets.  I am not really a boiled sweet person, but I like these just for the memory and the lollies above are exactly as we had as children.  You canbuy these pretty much every where.


Fat Rascals (a sort of mix of scone and rock cake) fresh from Bettys.  If you have ever been to the Dales you may have heard of Bettys, it’s a famous small chain (Harrogate, Ilkley, Northallerton and York) of cafes that serve a mix of traditional English (with a Continental influence, especially in the chocolates) food in a Victorian style.  They are big on cakes and afternoon tea, the prize being the Fat Rascal as above.  They sell on-line at Bettys by Post, if I could recommend one thing to order online it would be their Italian Ricciarelli Biscuit Tray which aren’t cheap but are oh so amazing.  Oh, should mention, there is nearly always a wait for a table at busy times so come early or take out.


My final food photo is of Whitakers Chocolates from Skipton.  We bought the chocolate mint wafers every year for Mother’s day for my Gran.  I was a bit disappointed as they didn’t have chocolate cherries or stem ginger, but I think we bought enough.

Right, best go walk off all that eating!

11 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Dales…(do I work for the tourist board?!)

  1. Loved every photo!

    The farm house looks lovely and what a fantastic location. The cross stitched birds are really pretty, I especially like the one of the geese. And as for the edible goodies – YUM!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and that you get some hours without rain.

    Anne (still to post my award – mind like a sieve!)

    1. I know, the older I get the more I miss the Dales but I am married to a German Townie so Kent is the in-between (although he did mention a possible retirement in Yorkshire if I can wait that long!).

      Well done on the lampshade as it had no label, but I love it.

      Might have to put in a Bettys by Post order as didn’t get any Rascals for the freezer 🙂

  2. Just catching up on some very overdue reading! I was going to say Lush Designs too – but Karen beat me to it. I lurve their stuff – there’s a link to their site on my blog if you want to see more (you know you do….!)

    1. Thanks Flora. Oh not only do I want to see more but I am wishing we had more drops and less spots in our house (although 6′ 5″ husband makes that impossible). I can get a matching tea towel for my sis for Christmas, how cool is that!

  3. Hello Hello!

    I just stumbled across you in blogland and HAD to comment here…I spent all my childhood family holidays in the Yorkshire Dales (in a caravan park just outside Skipton to be precise) and you post brought back many happy memories!

    I wish I could pick one, but I have been in the Red Lion in Burnsall after a long walk, gobble Yorkshire mixture until I felt sick and had one too many of those Whitaker’s peppermint crisps too….

    Thanks for making me smile 🙂

    Really lovely work too. I’ll be back!


    1. Hi Katie,

      Really glad you enjoyed the post, I am becoming a bit home sick as I get older. The boys (2 & 4) LOVED the mint crisps so I think we will be adding those to their childhood memories, nice to pass the traditions on. Your blog looks great, I am going to make myself a nice coffee and sit down and have a good read!


  4. Hi there, I have just discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying it!

    My sister lives in Barden, just near the tower, and my nieces used to go to Burnsall school! We call their house our country retreat, and love to go up there but sadly don’t get there often enough. Did you know the Shop on the Green is on Facebook now?

    c x

    1. Hello C!

      Small world isn’t it? I am in fact packing right now for a fly by visit for a Family Wedding ‘Up North’ so we will be driving past your sister’s place a few times (I have no doubt my Family will know her, as we farm so close by). I did hear that Shop on the Green has it’s own FB page, I really should check it out, we are also going for a 2 week holiday to Burnsall shortly so I’ll be filling my boots with delicious their flapjacks.

      Really glad you like my blog, I’m off to check out yours in-between packing.


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