Vintage Knitting Patterns…

So, I have been feeling bad about not showing any new sewing designs for a while and there are a few in progress, but I just had to post on some of the ‘stuff’ I brought back from Yorkshire (M was sooooo pleased to have more of my stuff in the house).

I just unpacked this lot


the bulk of which are old knitting patterns from my Gran.  They are mostly cardigans and hats for kids and few great 60’s/70’s mens cardis and waistcoats.  The girls do quite well, if you ignore the blushingly short hemlines


but the poor boys!  The below pattern book had some classics



and what’s with all the knitted romper suits?



There were also some embroidery patterns, this one looked promising


but was a bit of a let down inside.  And finally, a lot of the knitting patterns were from old Women’s Weekly, whilst flicking through a 1974 copy I found this


Curried Eggs and Pineapple!!!!  I mean, I like to try new things but I think not.

More sewing and supplies posts coming soon, I promise.

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