A Mixed Bag…

It’s all gone a bit Pete Tong.  Just in case you were hoping to see a lovely patchwork bag or something as the title suggest, sorry, but there are some highlights so do keep reading (and I’ll apologise now for the dodgy photos but the light is very bad here today).

The Good

It all started last night, I received a late night order, from a Gentleman no less! (not many of those order from my website) and he chose very well….unless it’s a girl using her other half’s PayPal address which has happened in the past…either way, I said good bye to my last SALE cat, which was ordered along with an Orange Winter Berry Cushion, they look good together don’t you think?  I added a little Egg Cosy as an extra.


The Bad

Now, I am going to have to divert here for a little introduction to


Smelly, my cat.  Her real name is Smilla after ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow‘, one of my favourite books but she has always been called Smelly.  I will give you a full cat history another time, the thing is, Smelly has only had part house access since we moved here 3 years ago as she daily brings dead animals in.  I am OK, with this, she is a cat after all, but when Charlie was younger and mostly crawling it wasn’t very nice so at night she has been restricted to the utility room in a cosy bed by the boiler and she isn’t allowed in bedrooms.  As we have no door in our new (old) extension she has been lounging about on the beds at night and last night she PEED on my bed!  She has a history of doing this and it’s partly how she became known as Smelly.  I was not best pleased but luckily the cat wee hadn’t gone all the way through to the mattress, only the duvet and sheets.


The Really Bad

This morning, after getting some of the bedding into the wash, I packed up my order and was about to pop off to the post office when F’s school rang.  My should-know-better 4 1/2 yr old had shoved a bead up his nose, buried Pirate treasure apparently, so I had to pick him up and take him to A&E, along with Charlie on the doctor’s orders.  After a 2 hr wait (with me trying to get F to blow his nose really hard and yes, I did try tweezers) he had the lovely pink bead removed.  He wont be doing that again in a hurry.

Getting Better Again

I came home to find I had another order, this time for a Betsy Wool Bunny


if you are wondering what the little bird attached to a card is all about, I have a big packaging post on it’s way that will explain all.

The Best Bit

Whilst out, the postman came by with a number of parcels.  This could have been bad, except we have great postmen who often sign for my packages leave them in a safe place.  So I came home with hungry, tired children and chips to cheer them up, to


find my 2010 Calenders as ordered from Snapfish.  This has become a staple Christmas present for my immediate family, all my Father’s photos are on slides, which I am slowly scanning so each year I put together a Calender with a mix of old and new photos, I always wait for the half price sale and then get them ordered.

The Very Best Bit

Having saved the best bit until last (I waited over an hour to open this parcel as I knew what was inside and wanted to be relaxed with a coffee to hand, so as to really enjoy the experience) here is an order I placed with Nicky, of NickyNackyNoo.



Nicky makes lovely things, plenty of which are for boys, an area I fail dismally to cover.  I have bought some of her great traffic jam bunting in the past and thought it would be nice for the boys to have hot water bottles so I ordered these covers.  Nicky added some fab tweed, for which I have a perfect project in mind and a bonus bag of flower fridge magnets, made using photos taken in her garden – how great is that!


So it’ all looking up, best go and get the next load of laundry in and maybe fix our bedroom door so I can close it in future.

13 thoughts on “A Mixed Bag…

  1. I feel like I’ve ridden the highs and lows with you now! I am a bit cross with myself though, because I was looking at that darling bunny in the beautiful orange dress last night and thinking “who can i buy that for”… Looks great with that cushion though.

    I may have to copy you with those hot water bottle covers for the nephews…thanks for the tip off!

    • The Linen Cats were quick to go from the SALE shop, the orange dress one was the last, sadly. I think she had the least popular dress so she’s been there a while but what a lovely idea to give her as a gift with the ‘matching’ cushion.

      I highly recommend the hot water bottles, they are very well made and perfect for boys. I have hidden them until I buy bottles for inside or the boys will not be happy!

    • I was with you! Blimey, I make so many mistakes, I used to correct some of them but now I mostly leave them be although I frequently cringe if I re-read a post I’ve written.

  2. Hi Beth – I found your website a few days ago (thro’ the Saints and Pinners blog)….and it was me that bought the cushion and cat. You guessed right that I used John’s paypal a/c! I love the things you make. The gorgeous cat and cushion are for my mum’s xmas present and will match her kitchen beautifully – she has great retro orange/red curtains.
    I’m enjoying your blog and find all your info about material/packaging really useful. i have been working on some sewing ideas of my own and really need to make the scary move of actually putting my ideas into action.
    Thanks so much. Julie
    P.S. Very chuffed with the egg cosy and am not sure I can part with it even for my mum.

    • Hi Julie, just emailed you a reply but it bounced so here it is via the blog:

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for your comment, I figured it was a lass ordering as most of the men I know don’t have such great taste 😉 I think you chose really well, when I laid the order out for packing it looked lovely together so I hope your Mum likes them, I’m also pleased you mention ‘retro’ as the linen cushions have a very retro feel to me.
      You should definitely just go for it with the sewing, after I got started I wondered why I hadn’t done it earlier. I recommend Folksy as a good place to start selling, if I am honest I don’t actually sell a lot through them (I sell mostly through my site which I created through MrSite, which I also recommend, buy it from amazon though as it’s cheaper) but Folksy is super easy to set up and a great community. You only need to list one thing, if that’s all you have so there is little pressure, where as I still fell the pressure, a year on, to get a larger range up on my site.
      I am about to do a packaging post, including the do’s and don’t (lessons learnt and all that) so it might be of help.
      All the best,

      • Thanks, Beth, for those words of wisdom, I think I’ll check out MrSite over the weekend. I’m sure you’re right and I guess I’ll never know unless I give it a go.

    • Yes, she does the cute thing very well but last night brought TWO mice into the bedroom as presents so she is going to have to go and live back in the utility room at night. My mission for today is to go and buy her a new cosy bed. Cute, but definitely Pesky!

  3. What a day! I had a horrible feeling that you were going to write that your cat had peed on your order, phew! Ours brings in mice and then gets bored chasing them. The last one I found was in my jeans – whilst I was wearing them as well!! Love your Nicky Nacky Noo goodies and I love those calendars – such a good idea. Have a good week x

    • Hi Kirsty. Yes I fear I saw mouse droppings in the bedroom so I think she has brought us a few live ones. She was just so excited to be back lounging on beds, but M has put his foot down so she’s back in the utility at night (which is the warmest spot in the house and next to her catflap so it’s not all bad).

  4. What a roller coaster of a day! I’ve just come home from a fair and feel doubly exhausted reading how that day was for you! The highs and lows of life heh? Hopefully little one won’t be putting anything up his nose again in the near future! About that age Noah put a Hama bead up his nose and I won’t go into details what eventually brought it down…! I’m loving Julie’s choice of purchases and looking forward to seeing what she is going to produce too. Thanks for your comment on my blog – the corsages are beautiful aren’t they? And yes, I’m also picking them for all the women on my xmas and birthday list 😉

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