Folksy Upcycle Competition – Foxy Twins…

I have finally finished my entry for the Folksy Christmas Upcycle Competition which is being run to raise money for the Sue Ryder Care Charity, with all the entries being put into an auction to run from 7th – 13th December.  I had hoped to make something different to my ‘usual’ work, such as re-blocking and decorating an old felt hat or making some new/old clothes (I don’t get to use my millinery or pattern cutting skills very often), I even considered making a corset based on a period pattern.  Could have, would have…but didn’t.

My final decision was largely influenced the materials I found in our local village charity shops plus I have foxes on the brain at the moment as they keep wandering around our garden.  So, here we have the Foxy Twins, Florian and Florence.

They started life as a polyester fleece shirt, a rather lovely floral cotton lawn shirt and a blue cord skirt all from the ‘Heart of Kent Hospice’ charity shop, bought especially for the occasion (£5 + £3.50 + £3.50).

To this I added some floral fabric bought last year from the ‘Mind’ charity shop  (£3.50…I think most things are priced £3.50!), polyester stuffing from an old cushion, which meets safety regulations I should add and some wool on the tail from my scrap box.

Florence has a cute dress with straps and blue shirring running along the top and a cape with collar made from the cord skirt, lined with the floral fabric and old Laura Ashley ribbons stitched together for ties.

Florian has smart trousers made from the cord skirt in a sailor style, with shell buttons taken from the shirt (the popper fastening came from a stash belonging to my Gran so must be rather old).  He also wears a top made from the lovely (honestly, I didn’t really want to cut it up) blue floral shirt with bias binding trim.

There was a lot of morphing along the way, the original foxes were front facing and I had planned a skirt for Florence with a shirring top, but I am happy with the result.  It was a fun project and it is after all for charity!

9 thoughts on “Folksy Upcycle Competition – Foxy Twins…

  1. So cute! I love their little outfits…and their names suit them perfectly. I will definitely be favouriting these!

    And thanks for your lovely comments on my entry – so pleased to have found a fellow lover of The Vega. That whole first album is amazing – I don’t think i appreciated it properly first time around (although I knew it inside out), but ive had it on in my car constantly for about 2 months now and Nelly nearly knows all the words to the soldier and the queen one…!

    1. You’ve got me on a roll now, just had to go and listen to Soldier and the Queen and again, know every word. Weird how you can know and album so well and then forget about it…may have to buy it again (well, on CD).

      Glad you like the Foxes!

  2. They’re fabulous, especially when you see what they started out as, well done. Makes me wish I could sew.
    Do you make your own clothes as well, or just ones for toys?
    Hope you win!

  3. WOW!! loving the foxes, they look insanely good!! do you think you might make them regulary as new pals for the cats? im completely in love with them!

    1. Thanks Bex! I am thinking of adding them to the shop, I have been planning foxes for a while although I hadn’t get beyond sketches of the body and even then, I made something different for Folksy. I rather like Florence’s cape, which was a last minute idea so that has to be made again. Bx

  4. They are fab, I especially love the shorts, such detailing! I think you should make some more!
    Thank you for the mention on your earlier post BTW, been to busy to comment before!

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