Christmas is coming…

Not sure I’ve mentioned it, but my husband is German, a Berliner in fact and one of the bonuses are the lovely packages we get sent at Christmas.  We received this fabulous box the other day

stuffed full of German Christmas food, which was superb timing as I usually order some from the German Deli (I pretend it’s to make M feel at home over Christmas but as he’s a ba-humbug and hates anything festive, it’s really for me).  In fact a few years ago I didn’t need to as Sainsburys sold ‘Dominosteine’ which are M’s favourites, they are like a small square jaffa cake with an added layer of marzipan.

This is only half the haul, I am slightly embarrassed to note how many we have already eaten – oops! – oh well, it is the Festive Season after all…

We have also unpacked the ‘famous’ (well, in our house) Mouse Advent Calender which my Mother-in-law puts together each year for the boys.  It’s genius, made out of a 24 perfect mini hand knitted socks, each with a number that hangs on the appropriate pegs.

Once opened they contain a sweet for each of the boys (and sometimes us) and every now and again a laminated mouse picture, which means we have to grab the ‘mouse bag’ and look for the corresponding presents.

The mouse bag has a beautiful embroidered panel stitched to it and pictures of said mouse.  There is always a corresponding card, with a message for the boys (from Mr Mouse) and explanations of the different wrappings (sometimes, we also get presents).  The big finale arrives in German style on Christmas Eve with the main presents.  I am always amazed at the amount of hard work involved, it must take ages to set up and the boys love it, we are very lucky.

The painters left yesterday, hurrah!  Nice to have the house back, still quite a bit of painting to do and flooring to lay but it means I can clean and tidy, ready for putting up the Christmas decorations this weekend.  To get me in the mood I started on the kitchen with these cute glass birds from Ikea.

Although I am quite traditional with my colours in the main rooms, I quite like black and silver in the kitchen and it was a good excuse to hang one of my Blackbirds from the cupboard doors.

10 thoughts on “Christmas is coming…

    • The German food is disappearing fast – rather too fast, my jeans can’t take the strain, keep reminding myself I can start running in new year once youngest in pre-school!

  1. Oh that advent calendar looks adorable! I have a similar stockings-on-pegs one that I made out of felt last year. I am planning to do a post on it too, but whaddya know, the wax-boy has just disappeared for a few days with the camera to…Berlin. Spooky!

    • Ahh, well I stole M’s camera when he bought a new one (think he was planning to sell the old on ebay), I just kept it in the studio until he forgot about it – cunning! Would love to visit Berlin as a tourist, we are always so busy seeing friends and family, it’s always very hectic. Look forward to seeing the post on your felt socks!

    • Oh, good not just me then. M is finally learning to hush up and let me just get festive, but there will be at least one point where he’ll loose it and get grumpy!

    • Yep and Ikea so cheep as chips! I did pick up last box (they come in 2’s) so I think they will sell out quickly, although it was last weekend and mayhem so I’m sure they’ll re-stock. I would have bought more they were so cute. Most of the food has gone 🙂

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