Folksy Upcycle Competition Update…

The votes are in, the special Folksy Upcycle  Ebay Auction is on (for one week, I believe) and the winners have been announced here.

I am very pleased to see Flora’s fabulous stained glass panel, ‘Winter Girl’ in the runners up list, it’s my favourite and I am happily bidding on it here.

I also love (and yes, am bidding on) this lovely Wool Felt Cocktail Hat

by Lupin Handmade.

This Upcycled Stationary by Bee Art is great.  I love the simple but very effective use of an old copy of ‘ The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady’ (My Mother bought this book when it first came out, I remember it well). It’s here for bidding.

This is such an elegant looking origami necklace from Sian Bostwick Jewellery (bid for it here).

And this bag and wrist warmers (Moon/moth, bid here) by Kettle of Fish have to get a mention.

There are really so many great designs, too many to list, you should go and check them out and maybe bid on one or two, it is after all for charity (Sue Ryder).  Oh and don’t forget the Foxy Twins are also up for grabs 😉

Obviously, if you are reading this and the bidding links are broken, sorry, the bidding must be over, but the shop links should still work!

5 thoughts on “Folksy Upcycle Competition Update…

  1. Well I’ve got my bid in for those cheeky foxes, but somehow i don’t think it’s going to last! Ended up bidding on quite a few things. I forgot how addictive auctions can be!

    1. You and me both! I am bidding on a number of things, which I fear wont last, as I think they will go up and up. Thanks for bidding on the foxes though, it at least gets the price up a bit and all for charity after all (and you never know!).

  2. Oh, I’ve only just seen this! Thanks!

    I am so in love with that origami necklace – and it’s such a beautiful photo isn’t it?

    Helen – so it was you that outbid me…Harumph 😉

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