Boxes, boxes, everywhere…

By 10 am today this little stash was sitting on the kitchen table

it would appear that all the Christmas things ordered are on their way (if you’re wondering what the fabric on the right is, it’s Roman blinds I am making for my sister – more on that later), it’s the result of the postman and a number of delivery men all coming in a row and a frenzied online ordering session after a recent trip to Bluewater (our best option for ‘real’ shopping) reminding me I have no plans to go there again until next Spring!  Now, the eagle-eyed will spot a number of Amazon boxes and I’ll admit, hands up, I do order from Amazon, to be fair, I also buy a lot of handmade and this years presents are the usual mix.  Those who read my blog often will know I made this bag for my sister (the blue one at the front)

along with a matching tweed lavender bird to decorate the packing (see here for all the info) and I had planned to make one for my Mother as her main present but I just haven’t had time, so I’ve been shopping in one of my favourite places instead

Jemima Lumley Jewellery, my Mother mentioned liking the hanging bird necklace in the past, in fact I have one of Jemima’s necklaces on my Christmas ‘Wish List’, well it’s the only thing there at the moment so finger crossed.

The boys have new pencil scarves from Sara Carr, another of my favourite designers and I’ve ordered some of M’s presents from other Folksy designers but I’ll wait for these to arrive before blogging.

As a little gift to myself (naughty! tut, tut) I picked up this large ‘weekender’ bag today from the village gift shop,

It’s by Gisela Graham and is ultimately intended to store fabric in but for now I have filled it with the contents of this mornings boxes so I can keep them safe from prying eyes, until I get the chance to do some wrapping.

I feel a bit relaxed as pretty much all my Christmas shopping is done and I have been re-preparing for the day itself, over at Rock Cottage Year, although in the way of the best made plans an all that my Borther is now coming to visit (he rarely gets time off, being a Yorkshire farmer) next weekend so we will be having a Pre-Christmas, Christmas lunch, along with my sister (they are all ‘Up North’ for the day itself) to celebrate.

Lastly, the Foxes are doing well in the Sue Ryder Folksy Upcycle auction (see last post), I’m really pleased they are proving popular and look forward to boxing them up and sending them to their new home once the auction is complete.

2 thoughts on “Boxes, boxes, everywhere…

    1. Thanks Anne, I decided to separate up Garden stuff and craft stuff but I haven’t done very much gardening this past year, so there’s not much there!! (too busy sewing). Still, it’s nice to have a record of the garden for a year. Bx

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