Christmas Decorations…

Just in case you’ve been asleep and hadn’t noticed that Christmas is practically here, I though I’d share some photos of our Christmas house, past and present to get you in the Festive mood.  As I trawled through photos, I couldn’t help but notice 1. what a really bad camera we used to have hence the grainy photos and 2. how my taste hasn’t changed much over the years and I tend to stick with the same formulas.

The only photos of our last cottage is this one of the stairs (is it worrying that I photograph my Christmas decorations??!….probably!).

We were in the ‘new’ house for Christmas for the first time last year, despite owning it for 3 years.  In between there was a Christmas in Yorkshire and an extended stay at my sisters up the road whilst our house was stripped back to just the walls which went from from 6 weeks to 6 months….whilst very pregnant and with a then 18 month old Felix…less said about that the better I think.

Note the Jan Constantine union jack cushion gracing our chair.  The bits and bobs on a stretched wire on the window (I use the kind people hang net curtains from, stretched into hooks either side so it can easily be removed and stored for next year) has been a standard Christmas decoration for me for a few years, the boys like choosing which ‘things’ from the Christmas box get to hang there.   The cross stitch cards above come out every year as my Gran made them, she stitched nearly 90 every year for all her friends and family, starting in January with the next batch, I kid you not.

This year the kitchen has it’s usual white, bright look

(I emptied and cleaned all the jars as they were getting a bit dusty), even the cake had a bit of a silver and white thing going on due to a lack of coloured icing

and I sprayed the seed heads from Allium Purple Sensation that I have been storing in the greenhouse silver

you just throw them at the tree, after removing the stalks and get wonderful silver pompoms that stick all on their own.  The bright touch in the kitchen (there is always a bright touch against the whiteness) comes from the famous Mouse Advent Calender.

The tree looks remarkably like last years, being in the same place but this time with the addition of the new Fairy and a mixture of the Red Robins and Gold and Purple birds.

They work really well, I think and go very nicely with the wonderful red pompom’s that I bought some years ago from Pedlars, one of my best Christmas buys.

You may also notice some biscuits on the tree, I make these with the boys (to a Nigella recipe) and it’s always funny to see that there are little bites out of many of them after a few days!  I don’t even attempt chocolate decorations as they wouldn’t last a second.  The floor still hasn’t been laid so it’s our third year of cheap lino and no skirting…this is a half done house but we are getting there.  The picture behind is a signed Jamie Hewlett Gorillaz print, bought for me by husband as he knows I’m a Jamie Hewlett fan.  As you can see I have very eclectic taste, old watercolours and etchings sit happily along side modern work in our house, as does antique furniture next to modern design.

The last shot is of Doris/Glenda/Tammy sitting atop the tree, at the end of the day my Gran’s original paper version really is getting very fragile so from now on this is our new tree topper.

For anyone who hasn’t decorated yet (yeah, right!) I hope that gets you in the mood.

13 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations…

  1. Your house is lovely, like photos from a christmas edition of Homes and Gardens!
    I wish mine were not so cluttered sometimes!

    • Believe me Lyn, these are the best bits, our house is normally strewn with plastic toys over the entire kitchen and living space and I have the joy of a whole day today trying to make sense of the studio and boys bedroom as you can hardly see in them. Still, will be nice and relaxing once done, so worth it. Thanks for saying it looks lovely though 🙂

  2. It all looks beautiful – the staircase from the cottage is amazing – was this pre-fiddly fingers eating the berries?! Looking forward to hanging my beautiful gold bird on the tree this year.

    • Oh most definitely before little fingers, it didn’t take all that long to do (is fake pine garland with real ivy and berries and red birds made of feathers) but I would never have the time now. Mr C eats anything that looks pretty so we have to be very careful!

  3. It does look gorgeous. I’m loving seeing other people’s houses made ready for Christmas. I’ve still to even buy our tree so we’re a little behind this year. Looking forward to hanging the birds and fairy on it when I do get it though.

  4. If I wanted to take such nice looking pictures of my house, i would have to spend a total of 14 hours solid cleaning and de-cluttering! Very Christmassy – love those little stockings in the advent calendar
    x x x

  5. It does look lovely, I particularly love the aliums – such a great idea! And your gran! What a star! I can picture doing that myself actually, starting making Christmas cards in January! If I don’t comment again, have a great Chrimbo! I have a pair of Jemima Lumley’s earrings on my wish list, fingers crossed for both of us!!

    • Well I couldn’t help but notice a small package arrived for M in the post today so it’s looking hopeful! My Gran was a star, the holiday cottage we stayed in a while ago is in the small Dales village she lived in (in fact it was a cottage she owned) and I met all sorts of people who remembered her and who mentioned the cards, it seems everyone kept them, as we did, to bring out at Christmas. Have a lovely Christmas yourself!

  6. your house looks stunning and the style is just wonderful, im glad you shared this with people, its inspirational on how to do traditional without going over board. Thankyou.

    • Thanks Jessica! It’s great to hear such nice words about the house, we are into year 3 of building works and on the back of a total overhaul on our last place so it can be hard to keep going sometimes and great to read such positive comments. I promise you, I only photograph the good bits!

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