Happy New Decade!!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  We had a relaxing time, the boys were suitably over excited and the house became a mass of paper, toys, too much food and over active children, so just perfect.  I insisted on some of my childhood traditions, such as Christmas pyjamas for the boys, they chose bat ones with eyes that glow in the dark.  I let the adults-get-dressed-and-have-a-glass-of-champagne before opening their presents tradition slide as it was just us, in fact in German style M and I opened some of ours on Christmas Eve.

Among MANY other things, Santa brought the boys Playmobil, something I have been resisting due to all the small parts.  I have already hoovered up most of the tiny plastic gold coins from the Pirate Ship by accident so I’m not sure how long the little bits will last and I don’t remember a marathon Krypton Factor style assembly that took me the best part of the morning when I was a kid!  Still, the boys were happy.

I did very well and my not-so-subtle hint for a Jemima Lumley necklace weren’t in vain, I was also the lucky recipient of some nice new photography gear including a 7 in 1 WexPro Reflector.  I wouldn’t think to buy this for myself but M is mildly obsessed with photography equipment and I can already see how useful it’s going to be for photographing shop stock (although there is the comedy routine of watching me try to get it back into it’s packaging in-between use).

Even though I packed the sewing machine up,  I couldn’t resist a little ordering of new materials

including beads and felt for spring birds (which will be similar to the Christmas ones), plus some new postcards and Moo Mini’s which I’ll photograph on arrival.

Over Christmas we wall mounted our old flat TV in the studio/spare room above the rowing machine.  I refuse to allow a TV near any of the main bedrooms, but struggle to make myself row as I get bored, frankly, so I hope the TV might help.  It also swings around facing the spare bed which the boys like to play on, an old Victorian Brass one which used to belong to my Mother and it makes a perfect boat/spaceship, which is exactly what we used it for when we were children.  The bonus is it has allowed me to work in the studio on occasion with relative peace, especially when M and the boys lounged on bed watching Christmas TV or reading whilst I pottered at my bench.

As a result the table surface is now covered in half finished birds (I am waiting on new labels ordered from Tanners to arrive before I can make up the tails).  I used the excuse that empty stackable glass Gu pudding pots make great bead containers as a reason to eat a few extra over the Festive season – tee, hee.

We had a quiet New Year, just nice food and good wine.  I’m not one for thinking too much about the year change to be honest, I don’t make lists (perhaps I should, I like reading everyone elses?) but I am quite excited about C starting Pre-school this year as it will be my first regular time alone for nearly 5 years.  Amongst other things I hope to have more time for The Linen Cat although I’m aware a few hours twice a week will disappear in a flash.

I also wanted to take the opportunity, whilst it’s on my mind to thank everyone who reads this blog and those who take the time to say ‘hello’ and leave such positive comments.  I’ve been blogging for nearly a year and really do enjoy it.  Also, in case it’s not clear, I read everyone that reads me (that I know of at least!) but through Google Reader so I am a bit useless at leaving comments, sorry.  And just for the record, I’m sure you all know this,  I only tend to write about and photograph the ‘fun’ bits, there are whole areas of our house that look like a tip and I frequently get many things wrong.  This is not intended to be misleading or anything, I just write about what I feel like at the time, which tends to be the nice bits of my life.

Right enough waffle, M is doing DIY so my job this afternoon is to keep the boys from nailing themselves to the wall or cutting their arms off, best go as I have heard, “No, Charlie, don’t touch” a few times in the last few minutes – oops!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Decade!!

  1. Your Christmas looks just perfect! I love the snowball fight pics – what fun.

    I’m also getting excited about my smallest starting preschool…I have a slightly bigger age gap between my two, so I can remember how nice it was when my eldest went for 4 mornings a week (although of course by then I was pregnant again – didn’t stop me from making the most of my free time though!) I fear this time round most of the time will be spent tackling the mountain of jobs that have accrued in the 2 and a half years since daughter no. 2 arrived, but I hope to get more “Round Window” time in once I’ve cleared the backlog!

    Here’s to a happy and productive new year then!

  2. Happy New Year!

    I love the pictures of your work space – I’m always interested to see where other people create. Yours is very tidy and organised. I do get the impression you’re quite an organised person from your blog anyway!

    I also had a quick look at the jewellery website – lots of lovely pieces – lucky you!

    All the best for 2010,


    1. I looooveee Jemima Lumley, I want all her stuff. I am very organised in theory but no so in practice, our house has stacks of stuff on every surface, but hey, they are neat stacks!

  3. So pleased to hear you got your necklace.

    I have a real love-hate relationship with playmobil. We got our first lot a couple of years ago when my boys were about 4 and 5 but my littlest was just 18 months or so and it was really hard keeping the small bits away from her (and her mouth) and the hoover. But they do love playing with it.

    And – what a great idea for gu pots. I’ve just taken a load to the charity shop as I was embarrassed with how the stack was growing in my kitchen cupboard and there was really no way I’d never need them all as pudding dishes. Now I can justify eating some more. Yey!

    All the best for a wonderful 2010.

    1. Hey Julie, Lucky I have a Dyson so we can see the Playmobil bits flying around when I hoover them and I fish them back out if they’re important! I too have re-cycled many a GU before I realised how great they are for bits and bobs storage, now I have a few stacks on my studio shelf full of beads and buttons. Bx

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