I have Vertigo….and no, I don’t mean the movie (great though it is!)

I am feeling rather sorry for myself, which isn’t like me.  I woke on Tuesday to find the world spinning, along with intense motion-sickness style nausea, I had to crawl (oh yes) to the top of the stairs and shout for help.  Apparently I have Vertigo , thanks to good old NHS Direct for their help here as after an hour of trying to get through to our local doctors I gave up.  I did manage to speak to the duty Doctor by phone later in the day who confirmed the diagnosis, saying it’s probably viral and prescribed me anti-nausea medication.  For the first time since I have been a child I spent 2 days in bed, I simply couldn’t move, not even my head, I am usually a stop-fussing-and-get-on-with-it kind of person but I have never felt so ill.

This was my view on day 3 when I made myself sit up in bed (let’s face it, in hospital they would have shoved my legs into surgical stockings quicker than you can say, “thrombosis” if I planned to stay laying down for 2 days) and walk about a bit.  I was cross amongst other things to be missing the snow, we really don’t get it that often and it’s very pretty, as you can see I moved into the old brass bed in our spare room so I didn’t feel too cut off and the view is rather nice.

I am glad to say things are much improved, M had to go away to the US on Thursday morning so we decided if I could manage the boys (at a pinch) and find someone to do the school run as there’s no chance of my driving (thanks lovely friends) I would try and get on with it.

(This, along with the photo in the last blog give you an idea of the whole of our spare room/studio.  I love the quality of light we get from the glass front…oh and yes, Mr C has shoes on whilst on the bed and not even his! tut, tut).

Just as a quick demo of how ill I felt, a huge backlog of deliveries (15 packages and boxes to be precise) arrived and I didn’t even think about opening them.  Now, granted there was a lot of boring stuff like ink cartridges and paper but there were some gems in there including

this lovely Sale pumpkin pin cushion from The Daily Pincushion which I took rather a fancy to after mine is falling apart through over use

and there has been quite a bit of fabric shopping including this lot from Gone to Earth.  Either side is Anna Maria Horner’s ‘Mingling’ and ‘Tablecloth’ both in Ice and from her Garden Party range.  Again I am thinking ahead here as these are for next winter, it’s just I know exactly where I plan to use them and they are perfect so I would rather buy and store now.  In the middle is ‘Pop Daisy’ in Green by Heather Bailey.

I still have quite bad room spin going on but as long as I keep my head steady (think of one of those posture lessons of balancing books on the head and this is how I am walking around) I feel almost normal.  The one thing I find I can do is laptop work, and sketch book work so I have been reading everyones snowy blog posts which has really cheered me up and I spent some time yesterday updating my sketch book.  It’s really a mix of ideas and a record of past shop work, I promise I can actually draw but that’s not what I intend to do here as you can see from a couple of the pages

I do have lots of things mid design and many other lovely new fabrics which will get blog posts of their own, I just can’t sew right now so I’m leaving you with my snowy picture of the side of our house which I hope to brave going to play in whilst walking very, very slowly, with the boys later.

5 thoughts on “I have Vertigo….and no, I don’t mean the movie (great though it is!)

  1. Poor you – it sounds dreadful. Love your sketch book. Unfortunately my plans always stay in my head so I have no record of them later. A new year’s resolution maybe? Hope you feel better really soon.

  2. Hi there hope you’re feeling better. I had a dose of that a few months after my son was born. When the spinning attack struck I had no idea what it was and thought there was something seriously wrong and that I would end up in hospital and not be able to look after my baby (I do like to look on the bright side of things!) Fortunately in my case the crazy spinning only lasted hours and I was just left with the disorientated feeling for a week or so afterwards. The docs in my case referred to it as labyrinthitis. Not nice!
    Love your scrap book, you must be organised to have that!
    Fantastic view from your spare room.

  3. ohhh poor you, my mum gets vertigo quite a lot and she was always terribly ill with it, so im sorry you had a taster of it too! the fabric looks great, and i am in wonder of your house lady! it looks wonderous!!

    1. It’s my third house, so I’m really ‘getting there’ with my dream home, I rented for years first. The side bit (in photos) is our extension, to our design hence all the glass so we really got to choose what we wanted, I do find it quite difficult to mix my taste with M but we find a happy medium. I am very lucky, we have a lovely home, I have worked very hard to make it happen but I owe it all to my Gran and the sense I had in my early 20’s to put the cash she left me into property when as a cash-in-hand waitress I would have loved to blow some of it!

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