Projects in process…

It’s warmed up today and after a few more inches of snow yesterday, we now have a snowy drippy mess.  I am quite looking forward to seeing what’s left of my garden once the final bit has gone and I’m happy, for now, to say goodbye even though I’ve loved every minute of the Winter Wonderland we have been experiencing.

One thing I will be grateful for is the delivery services getting back to normal, UPS were happily holding onto a number of parcels and the post is a rather slow, as a result I have to keep stopping mid project.

I was waiting quite a while for the new labels, as above, which I’d hoped to use in the spring birds.  They are a slightly scary maroon colour with gold lettering but I needed a colour that would ‘mingle’ with the ribbon tails of the birds and allow me to add a tag without it being too intrusive.  In the end I decided not to use them, I will on next winters birds but they didn’t look right here.

(The labels come from Woven Labels, I normally use orange or green lettering on a white background, also I had just been kneading bread on the below photo so please excuse my grubby nails)

So, having waited a few weeks for the labels I am no longer using (duh!) I got to work on putting the first batch of birds together, only to run out of stuffing.

Yellow are done and the rest are waiting half finished for their stuffing and marathon bead eye stitching session, then I will need to wait for a sunny day to photograph them.

I wanted to mention the amazingly cheap plastic ‘boxes’ I’m using from Ikea.  They are part of my new organised self,  I’m very lucky to have a studio space even if it also serves as our spare room but I do frequently move between the kitchen table and the studio, due to being a full-time Mum and having to go where they boys need to be.  The stacking boxes make life a lot easier, I can keep projects separate and empty the kitchen table quickly for eating.

The lack of stuffing means I’ve also had to halt the Linen Mouse project, even though the fabric and dye have arrived.  Thanks for all your advice, I am sticking with the mouse design with stitched ears (which I was supposed to do before fully stuffing the original) and a bit of pattern tweaking.  I love being able to ask advice via blog, sometimes I feel a little isolated in my own small creative world and the whole blog thing helps me feel connected.  I love this online community.

After a bit of thumb twiddling boredom mingled with the guilt of knowing I should be tackling the mountain of housework I started on new egg cosies, rabbits to go with the existing mice.

Right, best get on, they wont stitch themselves up!

8 thoughts on “Projects in process…

    • Hi Vivienne, really glad you like my work, there are soooo many new designs coming for spring, I am bursting with ideas! Thanks for reading and commenting. Bx

  1. I love seeing your birds all lined up like that.
    I wouldn’t have noticed your nails (you domestic goddess, you!)
    I adore that red ric-rac ribbon – looks especially lovely with the pale linen.
    Happy weekend!

  2. The bunnies look like they will be lovely. I love the print for their ears (?) it’s one of my favourites. Looking forward to seeing you other plans as they come together.

    As always, your ideas and design process are so inspiring. It is a big help to see how someone else goes about things. Especially someone who knows what they are doing – my background is forestry so I have a very steep learning curve! Labels on order which feels like a big step!


    • Hi Julie,

      Thanks for your comment. I love the ‘My Folklore’ fabric as well, my stash is running very low and I had a panic attempt to buy more the other day but looks like the UK has sold out.

      I’m glad some of my waffle helps, I think I learnt a lot within my Design Degree, I do know that my pattern cutting skills come in very useful. The ‘organisation’ side is my nature I fear, shame I can’t transfer the same skills to housework – Ha!

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