Linen Mice…

I love Ocado, there is a feeling of satisfaction having a fridge well stocked with nice food and I’m afraid in my case not having to take the kids with me shopping.  The only hard bit is getting the bags emptied quicker than Charlie can remove all the things he wants to eat, seriously, I am amazed how much a 2 yr old can pack away.

Mr C started Pre-School yesterday, there has been a delay to the new term due to road works, I have been waiting for this moment for 5 years it will be my first regular time alone and please don’t think I am wishing my children’s early years away, I am aware how precious this time is but I am more than ready for a little time to myself.  So what did I do, dance around the house to loud music whilst sipping a mini bottle of Champagne, watch day time TV other than Cbeebies?  No, rather pathetically I did some sewing and not a lot of it at that.  I sat down and suddenly it was time to pick Mr C up, where did the time go?!  He had a great time by the way, after the initial tears just to make me feel guilty he was, “brilliant” apparently.

Shall we get to the photos?

I stitched together the first batch of mice, sadly my dyeing session of unusable linen didn’t improve it enough so I have some on order (in brown), but the first 2 colour ways are up, boys in Kaffe Fassett’s Asha in grey with royal blue cord shorts and girls wearing Dots dresses in magenta.

After the recent pattern tweaking, I ended up back at almost the original, with the neck a little wider to allow space for the stuffed arms and legs to fit inside.  When I see the above photo I tut at myself for cutting the corners, it weakens the seam and when making costumes is a big no-no.  Old habits die hard, but it was difficult to get the corner shape without a trim.

I love the ‘road kill’ shot, I had to resist the urge to stuff them as I went along, just so I could take a photo of the piles of flat little mice.

I am really pleased with the finished result, I was worried they may end up a bit twee and not fit in with my other designs but I think they have kept a ‘funky’ feel (or I hope so).

The light was awful this morning so these aren’t great photos and please excuse that fact that they are not stitched up yet on the sides but I had decided to have a no sewing day and get down to some house tidying.  It’s all getting a bit out of control and I am slightly jealous of the number of spring cleaning bloggers out there, I do feel much more relaxed when it’s not such a tip but have a habit of putting housework last on my list.  On which note, I had better get on as it’s already lunchtime, oh, thanks for all your lovely comments it really is nice to read what you think, makes me feel a bit more connected.

4 thoughts on “Linen Mice…

  1. I’m a huge fan of online food shopping. I decided that very soon after I had my second baby. So much less stressful.

    The new mice are great. I think they will fit very well with the others. There’s definitely a similar ‘feel’ to them. I can imagine them being well loved by a younger child who just wants something to hug and cuddle.

    Your new fabric looks fab. Its made me wonder if I need to look at kaffe fassett a bit more closely too. I’m afraid that generally they don’t appeal to me too much but the print on the shirt is lovely.

    Try not to get too stressed about spring cleaning – or at least that’s my approach anyway!

  2. “please don’t think I am wishing my children’s early years away, I am aware how precious this time is but I am more than ready for a little time to myself”

    – I know how you feel!

    Nice Mice!

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