Nice and tidy….not!

Before I get into this blog post, huge thanks everyone who has left a comment on the Blog Birthday Giveaway, it’s really lovely (gush, gush) to hear from you all, still plenty of time to enter and win a cute Linen Mouse if you haven’t left a comment already.

Thanks, also, for your get well wishes for the boys, there are both back on tip top form and it’s great to have everyone healthy for a change (cross finger & toes do a hop, turn around etc).  The relay of sickness in this house has meant both plenty of time to sew (as I’ve been stuck in the kichen/living room attending to the every whim of the boys) and yet no time at all, if that makes sense.  I have found myself standing around, rapping my fingernails but cannot leave the area to come upstairs and use the machine or my studio as quite a lot of cuddling and general Mumminess has been required.  So I have spent this time prepping projects and hand sewing, I could have cleaned the kitchen, of course, but I would much rather sew!

I took a quick photo this morning before starting a general ‘tidy up’ to show you how messy things were getting

it’s like a Jenga tower of work, I tried to remove some paper from the bottom of the ‘pile’ and everything started to topple, still it’s all back upstairs in the studio now and I have made a little order of the mayhem.

I’ve mainly been sewing beady little eyes onto the remainder of the spring birds, they just need to be mounted on cards and photographed ready for the shop (I am waiting for a new long armed hole punch to arrive).  These have proved so much fun to make I have plenty more planned

I really enjoy picking the ribbon colours for the tails, I think the number of small jobs involved making up the birds is part of the attraction, I can spread the work over a number of days and it’s easy to pick up if I only have half an hour or so.

I do now have a large bag full of the off cuttings of felt that I can’t manage to throw away.  I feel sure they will come in handy for something, the yellow have already been used for birdy beaks and I have a new project in mind for small circles cut from some of the larger trimmings.

Right, I need to get back to work, my sister has just invited herself over to stay as she has no hot water or heating at the moment (she lives 5 mins away and generally prefers to ‘drop in’ around the time she knows we are eating!) so I have bedding to change and plenty more tidying to do.  I did want to mention I have had problems leaving comments on Blogspot blogs, it’s all sorted now but please don’t think I am being rude by not saying, “hello”.

8 thoughts on “Nice and tidy….not!

    1. I have boxes of scraps, I keep thinking I’ll be brutal and throw some out but then I find a use for some of it and it makes em keep the lot. I never was any good at throwing things away!

    1. You are right, it was a nice mess, lots of finished bits and bobs and bundles of ribbon. Still, it’s nice to be able so use the work surface for kitchen stuff now it’s been cleared, especially as we don’t have that much work surface. Bx

  1. Yes, that’s quite an attractive mess!

    You’ve been very industrious – can’t wait to get a proper view of those turquoise birds, they look like they’ll be lovely.

    Gorgeous ribbons.

  2. Your sister sounds like she’s got things sussed. Are you the oldest I wonder?!

    The spring birds are great colours. Very vibrant – I love them. The tail ribbons are so beautiful, it really makes them very different from anything else I’ve seen.


    1. Ha, ha, no older (by 18 months) but she works all hours in the city and, “never has any food in” where as I cook a lot. Thanks for the praise of the birds, I am going a little bird crazy at the moment with some other versions, I enjoy making them, although today I am struggling to get on with work. I will blog about the others soon as they are nearly done. Bx

  3. You think that’s a mess?! You should see mine. I did a post recently on it on my blog – it’s a national disgrace!
    Just love all the colours in this post Beth – yum yum!
    x x x

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