Still in love…

With the Kaffe Fassett prints paired with linen. This time, I made a batch of new Mouse Egg Cosies using my current favourite combination of brown and yellow.

As with the recent Bunny Egg Cosy (which I realise, have yet to be added to the shop) the lining is in red herringbone brushed cotton with a thick interlining between so the cosies do, actually, keep the egg cosy!  I am running out of the recently purchased brown linen, originally bought for the Linen Mice, it’s so expensive but kind of perfect and although I have tried I can’t find a cheaper replacement.

The Ladies (see last post) have been very helpful this week, they came over yesterday to look at the pricing of all my products, we had everything laid out and they put them in price order and said what they felt was a fair amount to ask.  Generally they were a little higher than me, but they have a good eye and both sew so it was a very useful exercise.  As a result there has been a little price shuffling on both the Folksy and Linen Cat shops and I am finally getting on with listing all the new products, there’s still a way to go but I’m getting there and everything should be updated in the coming days.

Lastly I have been finishing off half done projects

and packing up orders.  Lets hope for some brighter weather for photos in the coming weeks 🙂

Hurrah! The Cavalry have arrived…

I’m not superstitious, in fact I laugh in the face of superstition frequently putting new shoes in table, allowing the boys to open umbrellas indoors and regularly looking at the new moon through glass (although my Gran took this one so seriously I do have a flutter of panic when it happens).  However, I don’t like to mock it all too much, because you never know and after my, “oh, the boys slept soooo well” comments on recent posts F woke yesterday at 3.30 and decided it was time to get up, yes 3.30!!!! (is it morning yet – no got to sleep – but it’s getting light outside and I can hear the birds – go to sleep – is it morning yet….grrrrrr).  Still, yesterday the Cavalry arrived in the form of my Mother and (twin) Aunt who are here for a little holiday.  Although they live ‘Up North’ they visit frequently, enjoying staying at my Sister’s house which is a 5 min walk away and means ‘Gran’ can see the boys every day but have some peace in between.

Here are the ladies above, looking rather splendid.  I love this photo, my Mother won a trip to Florida by creating a slogan for orange juice and there is an album of publicity shots, all of which I would love to frame and display when we finally finish our decorating.  Whilst hunting for the above photo I checked my old scanned ones and wanted to show you this

my brother dressed in my ballet gear.  I was enjoying reading Rachael’s recent blog entry where one of her boys is dressed in a lovely blue tutu and it reminded me if this shot.  My brother did spend rather  a lot of time in dresses, something we frequently remind him of at the most ‘appropriate’ moments now he’s a burly Yorkshire farmer 😉

I love the photo so much I’ve printed it off to go on my recently covered notice board,

it was a large cork pin board and wasn’t in the spirit of my Zen (I wish) like Studio so I removed the frame and covered it in white linen which makes all the difference.

Back to the point, I have just dropped the boys off and have been told not to come back until later this afternoon, which is great as I have a lot to do.  The above Moo arrived in the post this morning, they are new care labels for all the softies and cushion covers.  I used to print the instructions on transparent paper and attach along with a regular Moo Mini business card but I decided to just get a batch printed.  All I have to do now is attach them all.

And I hope to get one of my open projects finished….hum, ha, hum, ha, can you tell what it is yet?  This one has been planned for some time but not actually worked up into sample stage so I need to just get it done.  I was, of course, thinking of Mother’s Day as well as Easter but I am being so slow I may just aim for Easter for the new designs.

Right, I plan to treat myself to a sausage sandwich with a couple of my brother’s home made sausages (which are rather wonderful, he recommends the HFW River Cottage Pig in a Day course, I can recommend the Mushroom one) and then sew whilst watching an old black and white, maybe a Cary Grant, will make a nice change from CBeebies!

Here comes the rain again…and again…

Well isn’t it just sods law that come half term and all it does is rain.  It’s getting into the time of year when the garden will start to take up more time, as always I am sure most of April will be spent pottering in the vegetable patch and I would have liked to get a head start over half term as well as get the boys outside for a good run around but hey-ho the bright side is I get to sew instead 🙂

So, I have been batching up Cashmere Bears as they have proved very popular, especially in the woodland print

and, I finally got around to starting the new Lavender Bunnies.  The basic wool shapes were cut out back in Jan 09 when I made the first batch but I found them quite a chore and only did half so I’ve been putting off the new batch.  It makes sense to get them in the shop in time for Easter as they do make quite a nice alternative gift to chocolate, or better still, as well as chocolate!

I was quite enjoying myself until the final stitching then I remembered why I was in no hurry to make more.  Still I do like them in the Kaffe Fassett Asha, which is sadly hard to see in these photos as the light really isn’t helping to show the colours at their best, they are much brighter and prettier in real life.

I will make some in girly colors for the next batch which will use up the final pre-cut shapes then they may get relegated to the ‘past design’ box despite their popularity  (I still have to stuff them with lavender which I also remember was a bit of a nightmare, getting the lavender into all the corners through a small gap).

As I wrote recently, I am rather in love with the Kaffe Fassett, Asha and Dots fabrics at the moment.  I had seen them a number of times over at Saints and Pinners but they hadn’t taken my fancy until choosing fabric for the Linen Mice, now I can’t get enough.  Oddly, I had a look though a few other K F fabrics but really didn’t like many, so maybe that’s why I had dismissed them so easily.

I have been trying to photograph the finished Linen Mice ready for listing but the weather is making it rather difficult, still, here are the last two colour versions and I am oh so in love with the boy mouse with his yellow shirt and brown cord shorts.  I don’t like to have favourites but if pushed brown mouse wins my heart.

Best off and get the boys dressed as we need to do a food top-up shop.  Hope those of you with children are enjoying half term and the rest of you are avoiding any public place with kid appeal, in order to keep your sanity!

And the winner is….me, apparently!

What a lucky gal I am, the lovely Shelley who won the Linen Mouse giveaway has very kindly sent me some of her fabulous fingerless gloves as a return gift, I am delighted (as you can imagine).

And they come in their own matching bag!!!

They are perfect for me and they match my winter coat, which is red, with the little buttons on the side.

Thanks Shelley, loving your shop, especially the bright colours and I see you have started a blog, which is great because we can all come and stalk you now 🙂

Right, off to prance about the house in my new gloves before going to pick up Mr C from Pre-school, oh yes, he made it in today, my 3rd morning child free! there will be cake baking this afternoon to celebrate.

Loving the post today…

It’s an odd day, this morning whilst dropping F off I found myself talking to another Mother whilst standing in a blizzard of snow, by the time I got home it had stopped and now the sun is shinning and there is no evidence of this mornings ‘cold snap’.  Mr C is off Pre-School again as he is on the end of bug number two, I noted this morning that in this whole term of C starting Pre-School, something regular readers will know I have waited for, for 5 YEARS!!!! I have in fact had only 2 mornings child free as on the others one of the boys has been off sick.  It means my plans to get a bit fitter and thinner by rowing and running have not exactly worked out, never mind though, my time will come.

I am waiting on supplies needed to finish off projects, is it just me, of is there nearly always something missing?  In this case it was a long hole punch for mounting the spring birds on their cards, I have a number of hole punches, none of which were right so had to buy yet another.  I found one perfect for the job made by the Woodware Craft Collection (manufactured in my home town of Skipton no less) only to then have to order removable stickers for holding the hanging threads into place.

I was, therefore, waiting patiently this morning for the postman to come with my stickers, which didn’t arrive.  Instead I was much cheered to find parcels containing beads, Country Living and – hurrah! – my very first delivery from  I get a bit over excited about food that doesn’t come from my fridge, it’s not that I don’t have and can make good food but I get very bored at times.  M finds it weird that I get so over excited about ‘eating out’ at the weekends, even if it’s just a Pret sandwich, but the thrill of eating something I fancy, on a whim that someone else has made is pretty high for me.  Soooo, the idea of a little box of nibbles arriving in the post is fabulous, even though I could buy the same for less money (£2.99/box), it’s the fact that someone else has selected and delivered it that works.

It hasn’t lasted long, I’ve eaten the nuts whilst writing this post and C has helped out with the ‘Dairy Free Chocolate Buttons’ and the ‘Dried Strawberries’, still there are some nice Olives for a snack tonight.

I am working on a few new designs, I’ve been stitching felt blossom, something I started back in Autumn but have not yet evolved from paper to finished product.  There is still a lot of tweaking to be done, but it’s getting there!

Right, off to plant February seeds as the sun is out even if it is a tad nippy.

And the winner is…

Drum roll please…..

Shelley, as you left the 3rd comment, Yeah! There will be a little mouse with matching bird on it’s way to you (I will email you for your details).

Thanks everyone who left a comment, I found out about loads of new blogs to add to my reader list and it’s nice to see some new people found their way here to read my random mutterings.

Must also apologise for some really dodgy photos recently (the above being and example).  I envy other peoples blogs that contain such lovely images, I have good intentions but find the light and more often than not the kids sabotage my attempts!  As an example I spent a lot of yesterday morning trying to get a good shot of the new spring felt birds as the light outside was perfect for good colour without much shadow, but with the boys using the tripod as a robot and the light changing quicker than I could rush back out to take the shot it didn’t work out.  Oh well, the best laid plans and all that…

Right, sorry for the quick post but we have plans, I am making the most of our Saturday with only a few bad coughs and an ear infection between us, believe me that’s the best it’s been for a while!

I just put this photo in as I am loving the new Moo.

Postcards and new Moo…

I spoke too soon on my last post and the boys have caught another ‘bug’ so poor F was off school yesterday and was sent home today after having a nasty coughing fit in the playground.  Typically he is now running around the house, showing no signs of illness except a slight bunged up nose, but that’s the way it goes.  C is holding up well and is just a tad snotty so it could be worse.  Well it was worse with the house alarm going off at my sister’s (whilst I fed her cat), police turning up and plenty more but that was this morning and I intend to make the most of my afternoon now everything has calmed down.

I came home from picking F up to lots of lovely parcels, mainly of supplies (tweed, felt and beads) and a second batch of postcards ordered from Overnight Prints.  I’ve noticed that they have put their prices up (or more accurately, their sale prices are no longer available) on Offset print quality postcards.  On past orders, I have paid £9.98/100 A6 and £19.94/100 A5 but on my last order placed just before Christmas, I opted for the new (cheaper!) Digital Print Quality instead of the pricier Offset for my A5 cards to mount the new felt birds on, I am happy with the result, I also opted to pay to have the corners rounded (£2 per 100, I think) but it’s not quite as nice as using my own corner cutter.

There has been an offer on A6 postcards Prices (DPQ 20% off 50) so I decided to take advantage and order some prints of the new Linen Boy Mice (of which I haven’t blogged about the new brown/yellow version yet – he’s soooo cute).  They arrived this morning and although not as good as the Offset quality, the price difference more than makes up for it.  I also decided to cut the corners myself so that’s a nice job for this afternoon, I find it strangely relaxing.

Whilst ‘updating’ my packing for spring, I ordered new Mini Moo cards, in the past I have choosen a large mix of photos but this time I have opted for just the two, a linen cat and bunny in nice bright colours, one matching the new postcards (the mice hadn’t been made at the point of ordering or I may have used them as well).

Finally, thanks to a tip off from Flora who has just been picked as a Folksy Featured Seller (well deserved) we have become addicted to Okido magazine, so much so that I have subscribed and ordered any remaining back issues, which arrived this morning.  F LOVES it and that’s a big deal as he is mainly into plastic things and cartoons so to get him to sit down and enjoy an art and science magazine is a miracle plus the design is fabulous.

Right, best get on and tidy…a much needed order of tweed arrived this morning and it’s very musty so not sure how I’ll deal with that but I can’t use it as it is!