Postcards and new Moo…

I spoke too soon on my last post and the boys have caught another ‘bug’ so poor F was off school yesterday and was sent home today after having a nasty coughing fit in the playground.  Typically he is now running around the house, showing no signs of illness except a slight bunged up nose, but that’s the way it goes.  C is holding up well and is just a tad snotty so it could be worse.  Well it was worse with the house alarm going off at my sister’s (whilst I fed her cat), police turning up and plenty more but that was this morning and I intend to make the most of my afternoon now everything has calmed down.

I came home from picking F up to lots of lovely parcels, mainly of supplies (tweed, felt and beads) and a second batch of postcards ordered from Overnight Prints.  I’ve noticed that they have put their prices up (or more accurately, their sale prices are no longer available) on Offset print quality postcards.  On past orders, I have paid £9.98/100 A6 and £19.94/100 A5 but on my last order placed just before Christmas, I opted for the new (cheaper!) Digital Print Quality instead of the pricier Offset for my A5 cards to mount the new felt birds on, I am happy with the result, I also opted to pay to have the corners rounded (£2 per 100, I think) but it’s not quite as nice as using my own corner cutter.

There has been an offer on A6 postcards Prices (DPQ 20% off 50) so I decided to take advantage and order some prints of the new Linen Boy Mice (of which I haven’t blogged about the new brown/yellow version yet – he’s soooo cute).  They arrived this morning and although not as good as the Offset quality, the price difference more than makes up for it.  I also decided to cut the corners myself so that’s a nice job for this afternoon, I find it strangely relaxing.

Whilst ‘updating’ my packing for spring, I ordered new Mini Moo cards, in the past I have choosen a large mix of photos but this time I have opted for just the two, a linen cat and bunny in nice bright colours, one matching the new postcards (the mice hadn’t been made at the point of ordering or I may have used them as well).

Finally, thanks to a tip off from Flora who has just been picked as a Folksy Featured Seller (well deserved) we have become addicted to Okido magazine, so much so that I have subscribed and ordered any remaining back issues, which arrived this morning.  F LOVES it and that’s a big deal as he is mainly into plastic things and cartoons so to get him to sit down and enjoy an art and science magazine is a miracle plus the design is fabulous.

Right, best get on and tidy…a much needed order of tweed arrived this morning and it’s very musty so not sure how I’ll deal with that but I can’t use it as it is!

11 thoughts on “Postcards and new Moo…

  1. Oh don’t they look great all together like that – and what a good idea getting the back issues. It’s great when you find something that really fires the kids imaginations isn’t it.

    Love the Moo mini cards, actually I love all your cards – i’m going to stop using Vistaprint I think, cos the quality is a bit bleh and they only do gloss finish – ew, too shiny!

  2. what a coincidence…i was thouroughly tempted by one of those magazines in waterstones this afternoon! loving your new moo cards they look fantastic (as usual)

  3. Hope the boys are getting better. I always find it hard if one of the kids isn’t really well enough for school but not all that unwell either – they can become quite fidgety!

    I haven’t come across Okido but will definitely check it out. It would be good for fidgety days.

    Hope the musty tweed is improving. Juliex

  4. What a morning you soon like you had. Hope your afternoon was calmer.
    Thanks for the link to Okido. I’ve not seen them before but have now just ordered the back copies! Think my 4 year old will love them.
    The postcards look great.

    • I should warn you (I forgot in the post) that overnightexpress do take forever to arrive – approx 14 days as they come from Germany but I think the quality is worth the wait.

  5. Hi Beth
    Thanks for this post – I’m planning to order some new postcards from Overnightprints and wondered how the new DQP would look. Sounds like it might be worth getting some more to save on the offset price. I do like them, although as you say, you do need to plan ahead to take into account delivery times!
    Kirsten x

    • Hi Kirsten,

      I was having another look today and the DPQ is definitely not as good as the Offset but it’s still pretty decent, I will go for DPQ in future.


    • Thanks for the link! I was expecting a small (ish) wall of Moo but that’s something else! brilliant idea, may propose it to hubby for somewhere in our house…..somewhere small!

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