And the winner is…

Drum roll please…..

Shelley, as you left the 3rd comment, Yeah! There will be a little mouse with matching bird on it’s way to you (I will email you for your details).

Thanks everyone who left a comment, I found out about loads of new blogs to add to my reader list and it’s nice to see some new people found their way here to read my random mutterings.

Must also apologise for some really dodgy photos recently (the above being and example).  I envy other peoples blogs that contain such lovely images, I have good intentions but find the light and more often than not the kids sabotage my attempts!  As an example I spent a lot of yesterday morning trying to get a good shot of the new spring felt birds as the light outside was perfect for good colour without much shadow, but with the boys using the tripod as a robot and the light changing quicker than I could rush back out to take the shot it didn’t work out.  Oh well, the best laid plans and all that…

Right, sorry for the quick post but we have plans, I am making the most of our Saturday with only a few bad coughs and an ear infection between us, believe me that’s the best it’s been for a while!

I just put this photo in as I am loving the new Moo.

4 thoughts on “And the winner is…

    1. Ha ha! There will be more giveaways, I promise, I enjoy doing them and there’s so many new designs coming they will require some giveaways to go with them. Thanks or the photo comment – I just know how rushed they have been recently. Bx

  1. I think, given the time and boy constraints, your photos are great. I’m just beginning to realise how hard it is!

    Hoping your plans went well and the coughs and ear infection are improving. It really seems to be the time for year for being under-the-weather just now.


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