Loving the post today…

It’s an odd day, this morning whilst dropping F off I found myself talking to another Mother whilst standing in a blizzard of snow, by the time I got home it had stopped and now the sun is shinning and there is no evidence of this mornings ‘cold snap’.  Mr C is off Pre-School again as he is on the end of bug number two, I noted this morning that in this whole term of C starting Pre-School, something regular readers will know I have waited for, for 5 YEARS!!!! I have in fact had only 2 mornings child free as on the others one of the boys has been off sick.  It means my plans to get a bit fitter and thinner by rowing and running have not exactly worked out, never mind though, my time will come.

I am waiting on supplies needed to finish off projects, is it just me, of is there nearly always something missing?  In this case it was a long hole punch for mounting the spring birds on their cards, I have a number of hole punches, none of which were right so had to buy yet another.  I found one perfect for the job made by the Woodware Craft Collection (manufactured in my home town of Skipton no less) only to then have to order removable stickers for holding the hanging threads into place.

I was, therefore, waiting patiently this morning for the postman to come with my stickers, which didn’t arrive.  Instead I was much cheered to find parcels containing beads, Country Living and – hurrah! – my very first delivery from Graze.com.  I get a bit over excited about food that doesn’t come from my fridge, it’s not that I don’t have and can make good food but I get very bored at times.  M finds it weird that I get so over excited about ‘eating out’ at the weekends, even if it’s just a Pret sandwich, but the thrill of eating something I fancy, on a whim that someone else has made is pretty high for me.  Soooo, the idea of a little box of nibbles arriving in the post is fabulous, even though I could buy the same for less money (£2.99/box), it’s the fact that someone else has selected and delivered it that works.

It hasn’t lasted long, I’ve eaten the nuts whilst writing this post and C has helped out with the ‘Dairy Free Chocolate Buttons’ and the ‘Dried Strawberries’, still there are some nice Olives for a snack tonight.

I am working on a few new designs, I’ve been stitching felt blossom, something I started back in Autumn but have not yet evolved from paper to finished product.  There is still a lot of tweaking to be done, but it’s getting there!

Right, off to plant February seeds as the sun is out even if it is a tad nippy.

7 thoughts on “Loving the post today…

    1. Hi Anne, he will I’m afraid, but fear not, I know you have been waiting for the turquoise birds and I have a little present, due in the post to you – I’ll send it on it’s way this week! Bx

  1. Must take a leaf out of your book and get some seeds planted. Although I did manage to get my primula into my window boxes today! Your nibbles look yummy. 🙂

    1. I am waiting patiently for the boys bedtime and looking forward to the olives with a glass of wine…they didn’t last long did they, the nibbles! oh well, they brought a big smile to my face and that’s worth £2.99!

      Wish I had window boxes, M would never allow it 😦


  2. Oh I massively love eating out. I always did, but to be fair there is nothing quite like not having cooked it myself! I am not a keen cook – I do it because i have to, and I try and do it well, because i don’t feel i have a choice. I get outrageously excited these days if we’re invited out for a meal. I mean, literally my stomach churns in excitement!
    Do I need to get out more?! Oooh yes please!
    x x x

  3. Here’s to hoping you get a better run of C being at pre-school from now on, and F managing to be at school at the same time. While its great to be able to be mummy and drop plans to look after them when they’re unwell I do get frustrated at losing precious me-time…….but Islay’s in nursery all day today so I’d better get on with my plans!

    I have problems with having everything ready when needed too. I really need to pre-wash some fabric I deperately want to use today and I’ve just shoved a load of towels in the machine – duh…… if I was organised I’d wash it as soon as I bought it, wouldn’t I?!


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