And the winner is….me, apparently!

What a lucky gal I am, the lovely Shelley who won the Linen Mouse giveaway has very kindly sent me some of her fabulous fingerless gloves as a return gift, I am delighted (as you can imagine).

And they come in their own matching bag!!!

They are perfect for me and they match my winter coat, which is red, with the little buttons on the side.

Thanks Shelley, loving your shop, especially the bright colours and I see you have started a blog, which is great because we can all come and stalk you now 🙂

Right, off to prance about the house in my new gloves before going to pick up Mr C from Pre-school, oh yes, he made it in today, my 3rd morning child free! there will be cake baking this afternoon to celebrate.

4 thoughts on “And the winner is….me, apparently!

  1. Beautiful mitts. The buttons finish them off so well.

    Very pleased to hear you had morning no. 3 without the boys.

    Have a lovely weekend. Julie x

    1. Hi Anne,

      I’m cr*p and didn’t get *surprise* pressi in the post BUT I promise it will go as soon as. Mitts are rather fab aren’t they?


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