Here comes the rain again…and again…

Well isn’t it just sods law that come half term and all it does is rain.  It’s getting into the time of year when the garden will start to take up more time, as always I am sure most of April will be spent pottering in the vegetable patch and I would have liked to get a head start over half term as well as get the boys outside for a good run around but hey-ho the bright side is I get to sew instead 🙂

So, I have been batching up Cashmere Bears as they have proved very popular, especially in the woodland print

and, I finally got around to starting the new Lavender Bunnies.  The basic wool shapes were cut out back in Jan 09 when I made the first batch but I found them quite a chore and only did half so I’ve been putting off the new batch.  It makes sense to get them in the shop in time for Easter as they do make quite a nice alternative gift to chocolate, or better still, as well as chocolate!

I was quite enjoying myself until the final stitching then I remembered why I was in no hurry to make more.  Still I do like them in the Kaffe Fassett Asha, which is sadly hard to see in these photos as the light really isn’t helping to show the colours at their best, they are much brighter and prettier in real life.

I will make some in girly colors for the next batch which will use up the final pre-cut shapes then they may get relegated to the ‘past design’ box despite their popularity  (I still have to stuff them with lavender which I also remember was a bit of a nightmare, getting the lavender into all the corners through a small gap).

As I wrote recently, I am rather in love with the Kaffe Fassett, Asha and Dots fabrics at the moment.  I had seen them a number of times over at Saints and Pinners but they hadn’t taken my fancy until choosing fabric for the Linen Mice, now I can’t get enough.  Oddly, I had a look though a few other K F fabrics but really didn’t like many, so maybe that’s why I had dismissed them so easily.

I have been trying to photograph the finished Linen Mice ready for listing but the weather is making it rather difficult, still, here are the last two colour versions and I am oh so in love with the boy mouse with his yellow shirt and brown cord shorts.  I don’t like to have favourites but if pushed brown mouse wins my heart.

Best off and get the boys dressed as we need to do a food top-up shop.  Hope those of you with children are enjoying half term and the rest of you are avoiding any public place with kid appeal, in order to keep your sanity!

12 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again…and again…

  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog yesterday and spent last night reading your older entries – and it is just lovely! Your cats, bunnies and birds (I love birds!) are just adorable, and I admire your ability to make series of same item, the photos of that are great. I also do some crafting but I always stuck with “one of a kindness” which takes me forever to finish 😉

    You´re a true inspiration!

    Many greetings from freezing Finland!


  2. Hiya. I hope the rain lets up for at least some of half-term. Its gorgeous and crispy cold up here.

    I love your wee bunnies, but can understand why they must be so fiddly, and especially the little boy mouse. Little boys, in my eyes, always look best in shorts!

    I can completely relate to your Kaffe Fassett comments – I really don’t ‘get’ them at all altho’ I always feel that I should like them. But the ones you are working with look fabulous.


    • I wrote the post last night and felt guilty for my moan when publishing it today as we have had a gloriously sunny (although still cold) day, there has even been some garden pottering! bonus.

      I’m with you, I like shorts on little boys!


    • Well, you are talking to the Mum who sewed leather elbow patches onto the knees of her boy’s cord trousers (he was a late walker and kept making holes in them) he looked kinda cool in a retro way! Either that or I will appear in the Mother hall of shame for making my kids wear daft clothes at a later date 🙂

  3. Blimey, you have been a busy bee. It all looks lovely as ever. Well done.
    Thankyou for your lovely message. It really made me smile. When I was younger the dads rugby team were sugarplum fairies in the PTA panto.They wore their rugby shirts and lovely tutu’s, rugby socks and boots. I had visions of your brother:)
    Hope the weather improve for you.
    Rachael XX

  4. Ooh I am liking the lavender bunnies, they look adorable & I am a sucker for anything lavender…. it is one of my favourite scents!
    I am thrilled to have bought one of your cashmere bears from folksy last week, I have given it to my hubby as he looks like one of our pets! So incredibly cute, thank you! xx

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Really glad you liked the cashmere bear, as you read, I had to dash to make more as they have proved quite popular (and are a pleasure to make as the supersoft cashmere fabric is lovely to work with). I also like lavender but would like add some more ‘smells’ to the range, maybe peppermint and eucalyptus or something?

    • Having just read your last blog, was the pet a G-pig? Had never noticed but there is a definite look of G-ping in the cashmere ‘bears’….might have to change the name – ha!

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