Spring is springing…

Oh sunshine, now isn’t that a treat?  I was about to go for a potter in the garden but on opening the door realised it might be sunny but it’s not very warm so I though I’d catch up on some much needed blogging instead.

I noticed these in our lawn the other day, I shouldn’t be a surprise as I planted them last year but I forgot they were there, it’s so exciting to see the first signs of colour in the garden and it inspired me to make up another batch of Linen Mice

this time in my favourite colour way of the (expensive…whimper) linen I adore, the colour is aptly named ‘Snowdrop’ which I think says it all and teamed with some of the Kaffe Fassett Spots in Lilac makes a very Spring like Mouse.

I had bought the ‘Snowdrop’ linen some time ago (from Tinsmith) especially for making Blossom Egg Cosies, we have a Japanese Cherry Tree in our garden that I love, the frilly pale pink blossom really lets me know that Spring is here and I thought during Winter it would make a nice focus for some Spring products.

I knew how I wanted the cosies to look so it was just a case of working out the best way to make the blossom, in the end they are done exactly the same way as flowers we made at Primary School to decorate Easter Bonnets each year, isn’t it funny how you can remember such odd details?  I can precisely  imagine making these with the headmaster’s wife, minus the beads and in crepe paper not felt!

For the final cosy, I opted for single coloured blooms, it works better and is less fussy with only one pink used, I am really pleased with the result and feel these are very ‘me’.  I have kept one to add to my kitchen shelves where I keep a mixture of vintage and modern glassware.  They were listed a short while ago and a few sold rather quickly so I only have 6 left, not sure if I plan to make more before Easter as they are quite time consuming.  The other pink flowers will not go to waste, I had planned brooches which were, of course, all for Mother’s Day but I also think they will make nice Easter gifts.

13 thoughts on “Spring is springing…

    • I have thought about it, there are some basic ‘Kitchen’ stuff I planned to make last year to go with the cosies and to make sure my shop isn’t all about children (not that I mind that but I like the idea of being also about nice stuff for the home) and I do think the blossom would make a nice tea cosy…hummm, you’ve got me thinking!

    • Thanks Jo. I can imagine a blossom & linen tea cosy, I think it’s my lack of tea drinking that meant it hadn’t occurred to me earlier!

  1. Lovely crocuses, ours aren’t out fully yet but I did spot some buds where I’d forgotten I’d planted them last year too!

    Tea cosy idea sounds great, though I don’t drink tea either!

  2. Hello! Found your blog yesterday, and have been reading through the archives. I have especially enjoyed your posts on packaging, and they have given me lots of ideas.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog (it’s being added to my list).

    Really love your photos, and colourful products.

    • Hi Gracie, thanks for leaving a comment, it’s great to know who’s reading and especially to know that I am writing things of interest!! I shall pop over to your blog once the boys are in bed for a good read, I love finding new blogs 🙂

  3. Hi Beth,

    I tried to leave you a message here: http://www.thelinencat.com/ but somehow it just keeps saying there´s been mistake with address or something. I am not that much of a computer wizard (hah!) so could you please send me an e-mail (my address is with this message) as I would like to make an order with an international shipping.

    Talk to you soon!


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