In love with green…

Blimey, it’s been a while since my last post, I have slightly lost my sewing Mojo recently and have been busy with other things.  I started running again last week, with Mr C in Pre-school I finally have the time and I am not really a gym kind of girl, I get very bored but I love being outdoors so running it is.  I have found a nice route directly from C’s Pre-school through a quiet lane and then out into the fields, I am not a natural runner, I find it quite difficult but I run in intervals (at the moment run 3, walk 2) which means I get to have a good look at my surroundings in between huffing and puffing my way along, I love watching the seasons change on my run route and really need to loose some weight after having the boys so this suits me very well.

I’m loving the green everywhere, we have been lucky to have so many sunny days, all the garden is springing into life and I have been planting seeds like crazy.  We made the most of the weather at the weekend with a trip to Groombridge Gardens and Enchanted Forrest, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent.  The boys loved it, the peacocks were giving us plenty of tail displays

and I fell in love with the woods and all their fun details including these little ‘fairy’ houses along the river banks.

It was also my Birthday over the weekend.  I don’t really do much these days, I was very pleased to get a lie in and nice breakfast complete with a Paddington Bear cake and balloons, hummm, wonder who chose those those then!

C, has rediscovered F’s Linen Bunny.  Mr C has a Linen Cat but he had the above in bed for cuddles after waking in the night and taking him down from the shelves, C was feeding him carrots at dinner the other night, it’s sweet to see as this really is mainly a plastic toy household now the boys are getting older.

Despite not doing a lot of sewing I have a number of projects in the pipeline.  I fell in love with the above Water Bouquet in mint by Amy Butler (from Saints and Pinners) for making new Lavender Birds, I love picking out the ribbons for the tails.

There are other new designs that need to be made up into samples,  just need to get sewing instead of prancing around the garden planting things and absorbing the sun, on which note I had better get on as the day is disappearing fast.  I win the award for the most uses of the word ‘love’ in one blog by the way 😉

I hope you are as lucky with the weather as we are and are finally feeling the effects of Spring.

19 thoughts on “In love with green…

  1. The weather has been so lovely it’s hard to stay out of the garden.
    That really is a yummy box of ribbons. 🙂
    Hope you had a great birthday!!
    Vivienne x

    • I hope you are having equally nice weather Vivienne, I know in this part of the South we are very lucky with how much sun we get and it’s sooo nice to have the house warmed by the sun. Bx

  2. I must say Happy Birthday then! Sounds like you had a good one. I love the photo of the fairy houses – what a fantastic idea.

    I’ve recently started more regular exercise, so I’m right there with you. Not running, but plenty of jumping around in the flat. It is so hard, and I’m easily discouraged…but it is worth it. I just wish I could shake the expectation that I will be able to see results instantly. Ha!

    The new fabric is lovely.

    • Not just me then! I am also a bit put out by how long the results take, we had a B-Day takeaway on Sunday night of a rather large amount of Indian takeaway and a bit too much wine (we NEVER have Indian and it was sooooo good). In fact I put on 5 pounds in one night! The bonus is at this rate by the time I can wear my pre-pregnancy clothes they will be back in fashion 🙂 Good luck with your exercise, it will be so worth it once you feel the effects.

      • I’m trying to watch what I eat (without getting too obsessed and take the fun out of food), but I have a weakness for maltesers which I just can’t shake. I have made a promise not to punish myself for enjoying a little sweetness. Makes this whole ‘working out’ lark much nicer.

        Although the potato dauphinois last night probably won’t do me any favours…

        Good luck to you too!

      • I am with you there, I was naturally slim (very slim) before children and never even thought about what I ate, in fact I used to try and put on some weight all the time, now I look at food and put on a stone. I eat quite well but need to address some areas (nibbling on the childrens food is a bad habit along with an addiction to bread and bendicks bittermints) but I don’t want to become obsessed in any way about what I eat, just eat well and do more exercise.

        It will be worth it!

  3. Hiya – I’m not sure you win with love, I’m pretty certain some of my posts could beat it!

    I ‘love’ your new fabric. You seem to have a knack for spotting fabric that I’ve just glanced at and not looked at properly.

    I also ‘love’ your primulas (should I be calling them auricula?) – my grandad always grew them and they really remind me of him. I should get some growing for next year. Do you do yours from seed?

    I also ‘love’ the fairy houses. It looks like a great garden to visit with the children.

    Hope the running goes well this week. Oh and happy birthday. Juliex

    • Oh, with my general over use of ‘love’ I am sure I can beat anyone, I need to make an effort with my writing.

      They are officially ‘Auricula’ I believe (never sure exactly what the difference is) and I cheated and bought plugs last year from T&M. They spent winter neglected in the greenhouse so I am very pleased how well they have come back, although as you can see I take very little care, not even supporting them, I’m sure the Victorians would be horrified.

      Thanks for the B-day wishes. Bx

  4. A beautiful post – all lovely photos though I think the peacock wins it for me! Gorgeous! There’s a peacock I pass fairly regularly on my bike rides but he’s never had his tail on display yet…

    • I know, I have never seen a peacock fanning it’s tail and they were all at it! Must be the time of year, showing the ladies what they’ve got 🙂

    • Oh, I wish my two took ‘little friends’ to bed, C takes a backpack full of cars and his Ben 10 Watch and I’m not kidding here, every night, it sits at the side of his bed so he can hold on to it and make sure it’s there! Bx

  5. I “love” those fairy houses – how magical.
    Also “love” the linen bunny he has such character in his face.
    It is lovely when boys show their caring sides and especially lovely when they pick up something you’ve made and spend time playing with it.

    • I have a huge soft spot for the Linen Bunny as it’s the first design I made for the shop (and originally for Felix), I love their little tweed trousers. I should get some photos of C with the Bunny as I think it’ll be the last time he is interested, his love of Ben 10 grows ever stronger 🙂

  6. Wondered where you’d been! Those fairy houses are fantastic… love your new fabric too. Good luck with the running. I’m starting swimming again this week – only about 9 weeks until we go on holiday – need to find my skinny self!

    • Oh I wish I was a good enough swimmer to dare making it my sport of choice, I am happy scuba diving in the water but pretty pathetic on top of it and always feel I look daft…saying that my running/jogging style is pretty bad as well. Good luck with the swimming. Bx

  7. Nice when the children appreciate your work! Hetty said to me the other day “I don’t like fabric things Mummy.”
    “Why?” I said. Coz they’re boring, she said, and then said when I asked what she DID like, shiny things.
    Not really my forte! Little divil.
    Well done on all the exercise – all I do is up to school and back twice a day and gardening!
    x x x

    • Ha ha, not just me then, I thought it was a boys trick only loving plastic and shiny things. I need to run sadly as I have weight to lose and no will power to drastically change me eating habits (which to be fair, are pretty good). I also work a lot in the garden but a winter of sitting and sewing has taken it’s toll so running it has to be and I do like being outdoors. Bx

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