I have been displaying typical ‘me’ obsessive behavior recently, I would love to say I get obsessive about things like cleaning, or even running but sadly that’s not to case (although I am quite enjoying the running at the moment).  I think most folk who sew and blog know some of the areas I am talking about, I permanently have a laptop attached to me and cannot resist buying nice fabric.

My most recent fabric purchase is from the new cotton voiles by Anna Maria Horner, bought from Saints & Pinners.  I couldn’t resist it even though I have no need of more fabric but it’s intended for making a summer top, I rarely sew for myself, especially clothes despite being able to pattern cut and construct and this summer I intend to make an effort to keep those skills alive by making some of my own clothes.

I have also been indulging my printer obsession, I could happily spend hours creating and printing stickers.  I’m not sure if any of you have visited The Shop recently but I have (slowly) been giving it a mini face-lift, including a new banner.  I’ve then spent many a happy hour printing matching stickers, tweaking the paper bit by bit to get the images exactly on the sticker lines.  Worrying really!

I also spent rather a lot of time sitting at the laptop viewing Google Maps, Streetview.  I LOVE it!  The boys and I ‘drove’ to Grandma’s house in Yorkshire from the nearby village, taking in the 360 views, which they thought was great, they couldn’t understand why we couldn’t pop into the house to say, “hello”, bless!  Well, I had a stunning, cunning idea, the above painting belonged to my Father, a gift for his 18th Birthday I believe and is a water colour by an artist called Angus Rands.  It always take pride of place for me, among our varied and quite often modern artwork as it’s so exactly Yorkshire in both it’s scene and colours.  I know it’s painted up near Beckermonds in the Dales but I have always wondered exactly where.

Well, Streetview provided the answer, that and my ‘walking’ down a long stretch of road inch by inch until I found the spot.  Sorry to go so off topic on the usual craft chat but I have been looking at this painting for years and have even driven along the road trying to see where it was painted so for me it was a bit of a ‘Eureka’ moment.

Finally, I have been shopping on-line again (some would say yet another little obsession!)

This is ‘Melvin’ and he comes from the very talented Flora over at Through the Round Window.  He was supposed to be an Easter present along with ‘Maurice’

but I rather fell in love and have ordered more to replace them as they are now hanging in my kitchen window, where they make me smile daily.

There are new products in the pipeline (as always, waiting on supplies needed to complete them) but right now it’s time to go and work on my final obsession and the main reason for my slow blogging at the moment The Garden, there is so much to be done and the weather right now is perfect for pottering in the greenhouse so I’m off, hope you are having some sunshine where you are.

18 thoughts on “Obsession…

  1. I understand completely about being attached to your laptop and as for the fabric buying!!! I’ve also spotted the Voiles, I’ve been waiting ever so patiently for this fabric to arrive in the UK. Is it as soft as they say? I feel some shopping coming on!! Oh dear someone hide the bank cards!!

  2. Wow, how cool! I’ve never explored streetview – I’m going to have a look at that. My girls will love it.
    I do wish you’d stop putting all your gorgeous fabric up here – it’s making me jealous ha ha !
    x x x

  3. O yes, Beth, I’ve been in the greenhouse this week too, loads of seeds are now planted. It’s lovely to feel the heat through the glass!
    I know what you mean about having a laptop attached to you!!
    And I certainly know what you mean about buying fabric and with me it’s yarn as well.
    I’m having a little givewaway this week, if you’ve time pop over and join in. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  4. Beth I’m soo jealous you got AMH voile before me! I’ve ordered mine from http://www.seamstar.co.uk as Courtney ordered in the exact ones I wanted to make dresses for my daughter and niece.I’ve opted for the forest hills like yours but in sweet not citrus and also the sweet 4 square voile too!! Should be posted on Thurs as arrives with Courtney on Weds.

    I think I’m going to make the AMH evening maxi dress and roundabout dress out of the voiles when saints and pinners get them in stock……

    Just wondered if you were intending to stock anymore lavendar bunnies? I missed out on them before but really quite fancy one!! Let me know will you – Justine x

    • Hi Justine, you will not be disappointed, the voiles are fabulous. Not sure what I plan to do with mine, I had a look at the maxi dress and might also get the pattern when it’s available as it does look good, although I am supposed to be designing and cutting my own pattern. Yes on the bunny lavender front, the ones recently blogged about I forgot to list in the shop (duh! glad you pointed it out) and I plan on a more girly colour style which I hope to make up next week, then I’ll list them both. I’ll email you when they are listed. Bx

  5. Oh gosh, I have been spending so much time on Saints & Pinners recently! Making long detailed lists of the fabric I like, and just browsing (and drooling). I don’t have a lot of fabric (just a few fat quarters), but would love to get some more. I think the joy is worth the lack of space for storage! I can tell I’m going to be saving up all my future pennies for yummy fabric.

    Well done for keeping up with the running! I tried a new workout routine yesterday, and this morning I wisely took the day off. I am discovering muscles that have previously been in hiding the whole of my life. The pain! Lots of tea is making me feel better.

    Good luck with your creating!

    • I used to run straight after getting up which worked really well for me as it was routine and I didn’t have time to talk myself out of it (which I find very easy) but now it’s after dropping the boys off. I just need to keep it going, I’m slightly apprehensive of the fact Easter Hols are coming up so I’ll have to stop for 2 weeks.

      I am a fabric addict, I buy way more then I need but I figure I’ll always use it in the end!

    • No problem. Street View is addictive, we can see into my sister’s house which I find quite amusing (only her plants on the windows, not like a full on view).

  6. I really wouldn’t describe any of them as Obsessions. Much more like Healthy Habits I’d say!

    I have been looking longingly at the voiles ever since I saw them on blogs in the US – they do sound lovely. I wasn’t too sure about the colours in Saints and Pinners so will go and check out Seamstar and also the AMH patterns….really I’d better resign myself to spending whatever money I have stashed in Paypal!

    Well done with the running. Not sure what you can do about the Easter hols – sprints around the garden with the boys?! Juliex

  7. Hi Beth, I received the circular from Saints and Pinners re those new voiles… they looked lovely, but busy at mo so haven’t got time for new projects yet! Look forward to seeing what you do with yours!

  8. Oh are those little stained glass windows? They look rather like HUmpty from playschool but then that might fit with the sweet name of the seller.

    I have obsessions too – semi-precious stones, mostly – especially tourmaline and fluorite. Oh, and silver clay and what to do with it. Opening a pack for the first time and thinking about the possibilities gets me just too excited sometimes. Currently my garden obsession has kicked in again. I’ve been scattering seeds – trying to ‘paint’ with them. It might not work but three months or so should tell me.

    • Hi Emma, They are stained glass and are so cheery hanging in my window it makes me smile, especially as the weather down here has turned a bit miserable. Your obsessions sound perfect, I see you have a great blog which I’ve just started to back read, can’t wait to have time to have a proper read I am rather in love with the silver hare photo on your ‘commissions’ tab. Bethx

  9. ooooh – just disovered Saints & Pinners myself, and those yummy cotton voiles. Bought a couple of patterns recently for summer tops and this is just the fabric I need! Glad to see it has your stamp of approval, as I’ve never used it before. Jen xxx

    • hi jen, glad you’ve found the voiles (and s & p’s who are great!), I nearly pointed you in that direction when you tweeted for summer top fabric but I have been iiiiiillllllllllll (still am, have a fab temperature as I type) so my tweeting has mainly been reading but pathetically not tweeting back. they will make great summer tops, look forward to seeing what you make with yours. bethx

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