Easter Bunnies…

I mentioned a while ago about buying some tweed that arrived smelling rather musty, it was no use for the intended project  but I knew straight away I would like to use it for making tweed bunny purses

All the tweed has been washed, which has slightly thickened it (a bonus in this case) and I’ve made up a batch of four to see how they go in the shop (not yet listed but due on Folksy soon) and maybe I’ll tweak the design a little.  I haven’t made a purse before but I have made bags so have a pretty good idea of interlinings etc and it was great fun trying out the different processes.

I made a little extra work for myself by using concealed zips but I think they look really nice and tidy

and I lined up the fabric on either side which looks pretty neat

the insides are lined in ‘Snow Flower’ fabric by Westminster which I was saving for next Christmas but it was so perfect for the job.  What do you mean, they look a lot like a certain golden wrapped confectionary available in every store at this time of year?  I have no idea what you’re talking about.  Oh, OK, it’s not mere chance, I was eating a mini one when the tweed arrived and I thought, “now there’s an idea for Easter”, which no doubt you will have noticed I am too late for, serves me right for taking so long to put a thought into action.  Still, next year I can pretty much guarantee a golden linen or tweed version complete with bell.

I wasn’t sure about the face and how much to do so opted for some understated whiskers and bead eyes, I always notice that the glass bead eyes make the Bright Birds come ‘alive’ so I figured it might work here.  I also added a detachable wrist strap, this was in the plan from the beginning, either in case bought for children (less lightly to lose) or if used by a grown up for, say, a Wedding as I hate trying to hold a purse and glass of champagne at the same time 😉  I write this because I am desperately waiting for someone to have an Autumn or Winter Wedding so I can wear either of these,

both of which I made on Millinery courses at the London College of Fashion, many years ago when I wanted to brush up and improve on skills learnt on my Degree, I rather liked the idea of setting myself up as a Milliner, something I might still do down the line.

Right, enough, time to go and look after the boys and think about their tea.  Was that Spring by the way?  has it been and gone and we are now in Autumn?  Oh, so British, always moaning about the weather!

34 thoughts on “Easter Bunnies…

  1. Oh, you neat freak! Just look at those zips and the pattern matching at the bottom! I am so jealous and now I really need a bunny purse. Neeeeed!

    1. I am a total neat freak but sadly it doesn’t extend to housework! I figure I enjoy this side of my sewing so I can ignore the builders mess, but we no longer have builders, just a mess 😉

  2. Oh it´s so Finnish to moan too 🙂 We always have too cold/dark/rainy/hot/dry/whatever and we enjoy enormously whining about all.

    But the bunnies! They´re adorable – I love the shape and the tweed together and lining and…They´re just perfect. I might “need” one later for this spring…

    Thank you for visiting my blog – and have a wonderful coming weekend (it´s four days Easter holidays here after tomorrow, yippee!) with sun, chocolate and happy moments!


    1. Glad it’s not just us Brits then! It must be something to do with the countries that get a lot of rain.

      Thanks for the comments on the bunnies, I’m really glad you like them and your blog is on my Google reader list so I always drop by, I really enjoy seeing what you’re making. We also get a 4 day holiday – woo-hoo! I love the excuse to eat chocolate 🙂


  3. Beth they are so adorable and neat I’m very jealous! We are over-run at our house with bags, Holly I think has every Cath Kids oilcloth bag going – unfortunately for her the zipper on your bunny would be too difficult for her (did I tell you she has down syndrome – or maybe you realised from the pics you’ve seen!) Anyhow we’re still holding out for girlie lavender bunnies – we haven’t forgotten!!

    1. I hadn’t notice at all in your photos, the zippers are quite ‘tight’ as well as they are curved concealed zips, they will loosen up a bit but not much. I would be interested to know if it effects how you design if you make products for children (ie if you have Holly in mind), I struggle sometimes to think what works for girls as I only have the boys and I know to make everything for babies washable, preferably in a machine, something I might not do if I didn’t have kids.

      I haven’t forgotten the lavender bunnies, they are next on the list, I promise!


  4. The bunnies are lovely and beautifully made – I noticed the tweed pattern lined up at the seams too.

    My two chocolate ones are still in one piece, I was going to say amazingly but you should see the amount of other chocolate I’ve consumed instead. Tweed bunnies are definitely more healthy!

    1. Well after no run Friday (packing for a Yorkshire weekend), Monday (in Yorkshire) or today (bad back from sleeping on mattress still in use from my childhood…yes, in Yorkshire) I shouldn’t be eating any chocolate but I did just nibble a bunny ear on the sly…shh don’t tell anyone!

  5. The bunnies are fab. I must admit I did spot the certain resemblance straight away but that may have something to do with my total love for the chocolate version! Your details are beautiful and the lining fabirc works really well. Concealed zips, in fact zips in general, is a skill I should be working on – you show how to do it properly.

    Sounds like you had a busy weekend back up in Yorkshire. Hope your back gets better soon and you have a great time over Easter. Juliex

    1. Thank you. Concealed zips are really easy once you’ve got the hang, there is a great on-line tutorial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzVLRsoOVzY . I am planning to eat myself silly over Easter then spend most of the next week running around the garden in the rain 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Easter break.

  6. Those zips are so neat! And the rest of the bunnies are lovely – such a clever idea, and what gorgeous tweed. I also really like the hats, hope you get to wear them soon!

    Two bunnies (the large ones) are sitting on the shelf staring at me…so hard to wait until Sunday…

    Hope your back gets better soon. I’m feeling rather apathetic towards my workouts at the moment, hope I snap out of it.

    1. I have been waiting years to wear those hats, I guess Autumn/Winter is not first choice for most people for a Wedding. I know what you mean about the workouts, I really need to keep it going, I am quite good about routine but once I stop it all goes to pot. As I can’t run anyhow over Easter I might force myself onto the rowing machine instead (can’t you just hear the enthusiasm in that!). Hope you do snap out of it, it will be worth it in the end!

      1. An Autumn/Winter wedding sounds pretty perfect to me – especially because Summer weddings are so popular!

        Rowing machine…even the name scares me. Good luck with that. I have been feeling a little guilty because I have been enjoying lovely chocolates recently, with more to come over Easter, but I refuse to cut out all sweet things completely. No need to punish myself, as sometimes I feel like sweet things, and sometimes I don’t.

        One thing I have been trying to stick to this week, is no seconds at dinner. I have noticed that I feel so much better for the rest of the evening. As much as I love good food, eating too much of it is no fun at all.

        Anyway, sorry for such a long reply – about exercise again. Promise to talk about other things in the future!

      2. I agree, I think it’s not a good idea to cut everything out, you need to create a sustainable eating pattern otherwise you’ll yo-yo which is noo good. I have never dieted, never needed to (was naturally VERY thin before kids) but I do try to eat healthily. Wine is my downfall, I shouldn’t drink any during the week but I do like a glass after the boys are in bed. Bx

  7. wow! the hard work you put into those beauties really shows!! the lining is wonderful. a while back i stumbled upon a huge ammount of grey tweed type fabric and now you have inspired me to get going on it! im thinking tweed whales…theres definatly a need for some of them!

    1. Hello, hello! I’m so sorry, because you messaged me on Folksy ages ago and I never replied, it was during one of the ‘ill’ children phases (we are in another now but I’m trying to ignore it) and I am so bad if I don’t reply to things asap, I then keep forgetting.

      Grey tweed whales sound fantastic, you should definitely do those! Bx

  8. Oh Beth, the bunny purses are soooooo lovely!! I just may need one of them. Too cute. 🙂
    Love the hats as well, my daughter is in her final year of a Fashion and Textile degree, she’s so, so busy at the minute!
    I know what you mean about the Spring weather, it’s actually snowing here at the minute. 😦
    Hope you and your family have a lovely Easter no matter what the weather!!
    Vivienne x

    1. I bet she’s busy! my final year passed in a blur but I really enjoyed it (seems years ago now, oh yes, that’s because it is – ha!). Hope your snow has gone, we are having a break from nasty weather with some well needed sun. Bx

    1. Ha, ha! You must have seen me during my art college days when I wore the most outrageous hats daily! Not sure they work with my usual bag lady/got dressed whilst half asleep look 😉

  9. Wow, they are just adorable. I love them and now I need to go and have a chocolate bunny too. I have just remembered I was given 3 for the kids the other day and have left them in the car. I bet they are feeling a bit lonely out there. Best go and get them;)
    Rachael xx

    1. They were created to be eaten, it’s their main reason, imagine their sorrow at being left unopened, go on! make their day 😉

  10. Aren’t we terrible how we moan about the weather! After the hail yesterday we have brilliant sunshine now, though that highlights the cobwebs in the house!
    Love the bunnies so very sophisticated! The red lining goes really well with the tweed.
    Have a good Easter
    Jenny xx

    1. Thanks Jenny, it’s funny how some fabrics are perfect, once I spotted the red in the pile, no other fabric looked nearly as good. Know what you mean about the cobwebs, I hope to clean windows this afternoon!

    1. Thanks Kirsty, might go nibble a bunny now, there is a half eaten one stashed in my Studio – yum!

  11. Your bunny purses are so cute – just thinking if we have any girlie birthdays coming up hmmmm. As for the chocolate kind – I don’t think I’ve ever had one of the gold ones …

  12. Lovely bunnies! I’ve just finished making another tweed teddy bear. I find that I have to work on them just a bit at a time as the fibres which come off the tweed as you cut it really make me sneeze!

  13. Oh dear, I have been so out of touch with your blog and now I fear these darling bunnies might all be sold out and I NEED one! They are just wonderful!!!

    Do you think you’ll make any more? I’d love love love to buy one….

    Katie 🙂

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