I’ve been ILL!!!!!!!

Oh yes, all Easter weekend and even today I am not feeling all that bright.  We went to Yorkshire the weekend before Easter (more about that in another post) and although we had a lovely time seeing family the boys and I were rather suffering from coughs still hanging on from the last colds we have had (which has relayed on since September, part of the joy of both boys starting at school/pre-school I guess is bringing every bug they can find back home with them!).  Along with my cough I also had a persistent sore throat, which went on to become a throat infection over Easter Weekend and then turned into flu.  I was a bit fed-up as I’m used to ‘getting on with it’ even when I do feel under the weather but I was pretty useless and just moped around in my dressing gown.

Still, enough, don’t want to bore you with all the details, I’m a lot better today and feel the need to start cleaning the house to get rid of all the germs and bring in some fresh air, I started with the bedroom and even managed to put some Spring flowers by the bed after removing all the tissues and medicine bottles.

I had hoped to treat myself to something yummy from the box of goodies we received for Easter from M’s relatives in Germany, sadly the boys and M have eaten the lot, well except for a couple of tiny animal biscuits left in the bottom amongst the wrappings – thanks boys 😉

I did have some new goodies to show you, Caroline McGrath were having a 50% off all Anorak products so I took the opportunity to grab a Picnic Rug from their ‘Kissing Animals Collection’ in eggshell blue with red rabbits.

I also bought a children’s cotton sleeping bag with a ‘Kissing Deer’ print but F is snuggled up in it on the sofa right now as he’s getting sick so no photo I’m afraid.

Whilst placing the order, I took the opportunity to buy a couple of new boxed ‘cups’ from the Isak range, we already have some in other designs, they are quite small but make perfect pots to hold snacks or for presenting dips and sauces (I put C’s ketchup in one when it’s homemade and sometimes a bit runny) and the bonus is I get a nice box for thread storage – perfect!

Right, that’s the lot, sorry for a slightly disjointed post but I wanted to say a quick ‘hello’ and explain my absence, hopefully everything will be back to normal this week and I will get into the studio at some point.

I hope you all enjoyed Easter and the Bunny stopped by your door 🙂

15 thoughts on “I’ve been ILL!!!!!!!

  1. Nice buys Beth, love the picnic blanket unfortunately they have now sold out, bummer! I’ve been looking for some more storage for my ever expanding crafty bits so I too might just have to order some of those cups! The box is as nice as the cups and they will look cool on my kitchen shelves! I’m sorry you’ve been ill again hun, here’s to you feeling better – big hugs, Justine xxx

    1. Thanks Justine, I am much improved so hopefully we’ll all recover from this last flu (haven’t had flu since I was a kid, it’s kind of a shock, forgot what it’s like!) and have a well earned ‘sick free’ rest of Spring! Says a lot doesn’t it, when you find yourself buying something because you want the box?! Girl after my own heart and was my main motivation – tee hee 🙂 Cups are quite cute as well. Bethx

  2. Oh sorry to hear you’ve been poorly – real flu is a dreadful business – I do hope the young ones don’t suffer too much with it.

    Still, those rabbits are cheerful enough to raise anyone’s spirits.

    1. My last memory of having flu is as a young teenager and Mum asking what we might feel we could eat (after a few days of eating nothing and still not feeling all that well), I said a bacon sandwhich but my brother and sister opted for boil-in-the-bag fish!!!!! (it was the 80’s). I have never got over the smell of that fish boiled in it’s own parsley sauce – nasty, nasty stuff!

      I am hoping I was unlucky and had a crappy immune system from little sleep recently so I have my fingers crossed for the boys, thanks for your well wishes. Bx

  3. Awe I’m sorry you’ve not been well! Lets hope this is the last of the bugs for you and yours, it seems you’ve had your fair share.
    I am so in love with your picnic rug! Those rabbits!!!! 🙂
    Vivienne x

    1. Considering I’d rather they don’t keep hopping in my garden (and eating all my young plants grrrrr) I am happy for them to be on the picnic rug!! Or made of chocolate and in my tummy 🙂

  4. Poor you, I hope you continue to recover properly and the boys don’t get too bad. I can imagine your disappointment when you discovered the emty Easter treat box!

    Funnily enough I was drawn to the box in your photo of the picnic rug even more than the rug and I wondered why it was there – I love it (and the cups too)! I’ve spotted the sleeping bags in the past but hadn’t noticed the picnic rug. It will be great fun to use. Hope the retail therapy cheered you up a little. Juliex

    1. Well I loved that they left the box there full of empty papers! They didn’t (well, OK, M as the boys aren’t old enough) even bother to bin the packaging so I assumed it was still mostly full. Probably a good thing and they did leave me the egg candles 😉 Bx

  5. Sounds awful! Hope everything gets back to normal soon, for all of you.

    Sometimes the best thing to do is just rest, and catch up on sleep though. I was very upset this morning as I slept until quite late – had to tell myself to ‘get over it’! We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

    Gosh, that box of treats looks marvelous! And your new purchases look great.

  6. ohhh, you poorly thing. glad you are on the mend now though. ohhh my days is that your medicine cabinet?? i Love it, we have a rather crumpy mirrored thing which suffices!!the cups are super cute,
    hope your little one feels better soon

  7. Sorry to hear you’ve all been ill, schools have a lot to answer for!
    Love your latest buys. I’ve been eyeing up the Isak breadboards and have already been dropping hints even though my birthday isn’t until the summer!
    Hope your enjoying some sun and enjoy the rest of your Easter hols.

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