101st post?!! Blog Anniversary Giveaway…

Ha, ha, so I wanted to do a Giveaway for my 100th post but I have somehow got myself muddled so this is in fact the 101th post Giveaway…oh, well, the best laid plans and all that 😉

I guess I should really write about how much I love blogging (which I do) and how I enjoy the on-line community it has brought (which is also true) but instead I’m going to waffle on about my favourite product, the Linen Cats & Bunnies.

OK, so the first shop item I ever made was a Linen Bunny, which I created for my oldest son (now about to turn 5!) followed by a Cat version and that’s how The Linen Cat was born, as simple as that.  They remain one of my favourite things to make, not least because I don’t make any two alike, I will often make more than one dress or set of trousers in the same fabric but they will always have different trimmings.

(I have just checked my blog for a link to the full bunny story only to realise that this is a double celebration as The Linen Bunny itself is now 2 years old!!)

It’s been a while since I made any, as they sell in flits, nothing for a while then I’ll sell quite a few, usually to the same family or group of friends, so it appears that they sell better in ‘the flesh’ as it where.  I think the price might put people off as compared to many homemade looking, but mass produced softies they cost more but they take quite a long time to make and the material costs are one of the highest, I also think the attention to detail doesn’t come over very well in the photos and the restriction on MrSite to 1 photo is a bit of an issue (I could pay to upgrade, allowing me 3, but I am a little unhappy with some bugs on MrSite right now).

Finally, the ‘not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts’ I know puts people off.  Quite a few Linen Cats & Bunnies have been given as Christening presents and I guess most sensible parents would not be daft enough to put an item with buttons and beads in bed with a chewing baby, or allow them to play unsupervised….I could loose all the beads/buttons but I so love the detail of the back button on the boys tweed trousers, I’m not sure I could part with that.

So, for giveaway, we have either the Oatmeal Girl Linen Cat in Flower Dress with Red Buttons (as above) OR an Oatmeal Boy Linen Cat in Tweed Trousers with Red Trim (also as above).  The winner can choose which of the two they want.  To enter, please simply leave a comment on this post.  That’s all, nothing fancy just say ‘hi’.  I will close the giveaway on Friday 14th May (midnight BST) and I’m happy to post worldwide so anyone can enter (but the package will be sent by Airmail so might take a while).

Finally, I know you know this, but I really enjoy reading everyones comments on my blog and I totally appreciate anyone who takes the time to write.  I do try to reply and rest assured that anyone I know about I do also read your blogs, some as a lurker and some ‘out in the open’, I am just quite bad at leaving comments sometimes, for which, I do apologise 🙂

46 thoughts on “101st post?!! Blog Anniversary Giveaway…

  1. Oh please do count me in! What a lovely giveaway, I absolutely adore your work! I have only bought one of your cashmere bears so far but the quality and attention to detail is amazing 🙂
    Rebecca xx

  2. Hello there,
    please, please, please pop my name in the hat. I have a daughter who would love one of your cats.
    I love them too so we could “share”
    Thankyou for being so generous
    Rachael xx

  3. What a lovely generous giveaway.
    congrats on your 101th post.
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog so are looking forward to the next 100 entries!
    Oh and I love the 7 random “things” great fun
    Jenny x

  4. Hi.. I would love to win a cat ! It would find itself a very loving home over here at ours ! Keep up the good work and by the way, I just read a mention of your blog in Sew Hip magazine ..!! Best wishes, Jennifer

  5. well…hi! …Congrats on your 101th post…has a much better ring to it than plain old 100th!

    Your work is stunning, Beth and if I have a chance at winning one I’d be delighted. I think I’d have to choose the girl.


  6. Wow Beth two posts in the one day, you’re putting me to shame I really need to do one!
    Congrats on your 101th post and it goes without saying I would love to win one of your cats.
    Vivienne x

  7. I love the girl cat. Would be a great present for my soon to be 3 year old grandaughter. Does she have a passport as she will be off to Sydney if I win!!

    She is fabulous, the kitten that is!

  8. The boy cat would be the pefect present for my little boy! I love all your products especially the linen cats and bunnies and I love your attention to the little details.

  9. Okay so I clearly shouldn’t win as I just found your blog via ‘Through the Round Window’ but I LOVE the linen cats. love,love, love them. You are clever.

  10. I’ve headed here from twitter and I’m delighted I did what a lovely bunch of cats and bunnies you’ve created there personalities come across in the photos – wonderful.
    Oh yes and Happy Birthday on the blog and bunnies x

  11. Hello,

    Found you from Twitter. They both look great, my 2 year old son would love either of them. He loves animals of all types (and wont eat the buttons!).

    Fiona (@sewingdirectory on twitter)

  12. Congratulations on your 101st blog post.

    How very generous of you to give away one of your lovely creations.

    Best of luck to all who enter. I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed in the hope of winning the little linen cat.

  13. Dear Beth,

    Congratulations: 101st post and more to come!

    I would love to participate as I know my nephew would love a new BÄ (that´s how he pronounces a cat, which is actually kissa in Finnish) friend! A boy or a girl… ? Both would be equally loved.

    I also cannot miss the opportunity to comment that no, your prices are not too high (quite the opposite!) as your work is just perfect. And I am saying that as happy owner of your creations AND a fellow crafter. Keep creating your beautiful stuff!

    Happy May!


  14. Congratulations on reaching both milestones! I’m so glad I found your blog – I look forward to each new post, and any comments you leave on mine.

    Beautiful work as always x

  15. Hi Beth, please count me in for your giveaway – how exciting! I’m just going to check out the blog award you gave me too which I need to say a massive thanks for as it’s my first award. Big Hugs (Ohh have you listed any lavendar bunnies yet? I’ll check out your store now!) Justine xx

  16. Hi Beth

    I’ve also ‘discovered’ you recently through a mention in Sew Hip – and love your blog and creations far more than who the article was about!

    I have a son and a daughter who would adore one of your softie cats and would make a shoe box bed especially for!

    We’ll keep all our fingers and toes crossed and our cat will cross her paws.

    Juanita x

  17. Beth – what good miletstones to be celebrating. Looking forward to many more. I can vouch for the fact that your bunnies and cats are very well priced – there is so much attention to detail in them and they are so quirkily (just made that up I think) special. I’d love to have the little girl if I was the lucky one. Juliex

  18. Oh I hope you don’t mind popping my name in the hat. Both are just wonderful, but my little ones would love the little girl cat. Many congratulations on passing this milestone, Emma

  19. I wasn’t going to comment, as I really ought to just buy one of your lovely cats! But then I though you might think i was ignoring you, so here I am commenting anyway.

    I don’t think you’re prices are too high at all – and your high standards DO come across in your pictures, your attention to detail is incredible.

    I keep meaning to ask if you’ve ever thought about making just the outfits to sell on their own, either to people who have already bought your cats/bunnies and want to expand their wardrobe (!), or to people like me who have a bit of a thing for beautiful miniature clothes?

  20. Love your site and all your creations. Thankyou for sharing it. Would love to take part in the giveaway. All the best, Janet

  21. Hello! I have an almost 3 year old who would absolutely love the beautiful cat – she has a coterie of animals who have to be carried around under her arm and cuddled in bed and I am sure this lovely would become the new favourite!

    You and your blog are amazing I think – please don’t stop!

  22. Pingback: Memory Lane… « The Linen Cat Blog

  23. It’s frustrating not being able to show all the details on mrsite. Your cats are amazing. My niece loves hers (although I think my sister plays with it more!) and my goddaughter loves the foxy twins too. Well done on so many blog posts (I must try harder!). xx

  24. I’m one of those ‘lurkers’. When the house is empty and peaceful it is such a treat to sip my latte and read about all the wonderful craftiness happening out there. I should comment more often – as a sign of appreciation. I’ll try to do better. I live in Vancouver and I LOVE living here and am always imagining people living in other parts of the world – what their life is like and do people always love where they are born or does one learn to love a place. You live in a beautiful part of the world and I love watching your criters come to life.

  25. Ooh I kept meaning to enter your little prize draw. I’d love a linen cat! These are far too nice for kids – so I think I should have it! 🙂

  26. Hello! If I’m not too late, please do add my name into your hat.

    I was planning to buy one of your linen cats when my daughter is old enough though, so feel a bit guilty about entering. But I mention this to add that I don’t think your prices are too high at all, even without having seen a cat in the flesh as it were.

    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  27. hi. i have long admired your lovely things on folksy… saw a couple of bits on front page today. and am expecting baby number three at the end of july. so would love one of your beautiful cats. and thanks for a reason to say hi. bridgetx

  28. I would love love LOVE to be entered. I know a little man who would make a very loving owner 🙂

    Contratulations on your 101st post – I love reading your blog, so long may it continue 🙂

    • Hello, hello! Thanks for leaving a comment, sadly the giveaway ended so it’s too late to add you to the draw, but there’ll be another one soon, probably towards the end of Summer. Bethx

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