Hello!  I have been given the Beautiful Blogger award by the very talented Monica over at quilt while you’re ahead or, ‘she who gives me crochet and house envy’ as Monica is known in my head.  It made me smile and so I am making a point of passing this along before I  get distracted as I know my track record for passing along awards isn’t great, sorry.  I am therefore required to reveal 7 random things about myself, and then pass the award along to another 2 bloggers.

1. Despite eating like a horse, I used to be naturally very, very slim and I hated it.  At around 30 I had a bit of a metabolism change which, followed by having 2 children has left me a bit on the podgy side (I’m being polite here).  As most of you know, I am now running which is helping to get me back into shape, hurrah!

2. I like dyeing my hair.  I grew up with a bob and a 1920’s fixation but started hair modeling for  Vidal Sassoon (= free haircuts) during my Art College days where they gave me a very short, very blonde crop.  I have been dyeing it on and off since and for the past few years it has been red and short.  I also yo-yo between long and short hair.  I get bored quite easily.

One of the few photos of me during my Degree days, but blonde and slim I am!

3. I love cooking.  My Father was a superb cook, a Yorkshire farmer who cooked 10 course dinner parties for his friends during the early 80’s and who introduced me to eating all sorts of exciting and exotic food at a young age.  My sister and brother are also keen cooks so his influence has lasted.  Oh, my Mum is pretty good as well!

4. My Father died on my 13th Birthday in a road accident.  I have never known it any differently, this has been the way my life has gone and I don’t think about it too much to be honest.  I miss him more for my Mother’s sake than I do for myself, I think it just made my brother, sister and me more independent.  It would, of course, be lovely if he hadn’t died, I would like to able to have a conversation with him now I’m a ‘grown up’.

We have very few photos of my Father as he was always taking them. So many in fact that years of scanning on I am not even halfway through all his slides...oh and check out the length of my skirt, doesn't even cover my knickers!

5. I hate raw tomatoes.  I grow loads in the garden and cook with them all the time but raw they turn my stomach, if someone is eating a raw tomato like it’s an apple I have to turn away.  In fact even thinking about that makes me a little queasy!

One of the Brandywine Tomatoes I grew last year.

6. I had private singing lessons throughout secondary school and loved it.  No, you will NEVER see me on X-Factor as I don’t do singing in public and I have no illusions that I can sing for more than my own pleasure.

7. I’m addicted to Bendicks Bittermints.  If you’re remembering random fact 1, I will point out I only eat one a day but I do like that one, usually after my Tea (that’s Dinner to all none Northern folk) and if it’s missing or the boys/men of the house have eaten them all I get a bit grumpy so I have to hide them in unusual spots.

OK, not so much random as just things you don’t know about me.

I would like to pass this along to:

Julie of Forest Poppy

Justine of Sew Justine Sew

Both lovely ladies whose blogs I very much enjoy to read.

The Oopsy in the title refers to my blogging still not being back on track, I thought maybe if I just distract you with the blog award post you might not notice, but I am home alone with the boys at the moment a little sleep deprived.  Next post is number 100 (whoop, whoop!) so the Linen Cat/Bunny giveaway is on, I have taken the photos and hope to write it over the weekend, where I will be on a fly by visit to Yorkshire for a School reunion (mine, obviously, I don’t just gatecrash other peoples), MINUS KIDS!!!  I assume with no children around I will be stuck for things to do 😉

9 thoughts on “Oopsy…

  1. Thankyou sooo much. I’m very excited about my award. I really enjoyed reading your random things. Do you know I wondered recently about your dad as I’d noticed you don’t generally mention him and I had the feeling your family is pretty close. I bet he’d be very proud of you as an adult.
    Enjoy your school reunion and the time without the kids. Don’t get too bored! Juliex

  2. Lovely post! It is good to get to know you a bit better 🙂 Why do you hate raw tomatoes? A friend of mine also hates them raw but I love them! x

    1. Hi Rebecca, I’m not sure, my sister is the same and when waitressing I came across lots of people who asked for the salad green so it’s quite common, I think it’s the acidity, cooked tomatoes somehow become sweet. I can just about eat raw toms of they are disguised well, like in couscous or similar. Bx

  3. Yes, I’m up at 5.15am. Been up since 3am with smallest person, so am giving you a run for your money! Anyway, at least its giving me time to catch up on some blog reading! I’m so glad I saw this, it’s lovely – and I know what you mean about tomatoes – love them, but the biting into them thing always makes me feel a bit icky. The sound the skin makes between your teeth.

    The photo of you is BEAUTIFUL. It occurs to me I had no idea what you looked like (and quite probably vice versa!).

    I’m sorry to hear about your father, that must have been (and probably still is) very hard.

    1. Morning Flora! Oh, not just me then, we played musical beds all night (F in with me, then C into F’s bed, then me into the spare and finally F had a wee accident, only his 3rd ever and IN MY BED! the only one without a plastic sheet underneath, ho-hum!). Still, at least they slept in ’til 6am, 3am! poor you. Hope yours OK and the day isn’t ruined by your extra early start.

      Thanks for the comment, I don’t look like that now, I am similar plus 3 stone! but it’s relative, I am (just) in the correct BMI for my height & weight, it’s just a little strange having been so very slim until 30, I don’t feel like ‘me’ at the moment. Tomatoes, I think it’s fairly common, when I waitressed lots of people asked for a green salad as they didn’t like raw toms, I find them very acidic somehow. As for my Father, I do sometimes imagine how different life might be had he lived, but it’s really my Mother who has suffered the most, odd thing is I am now older than he was, now that does feel strange!

    1. Thanks! I should stress for the record the photo must now be about 15 years old and I am a lot ’rounder’ but according to a recent school reunion ‘still look exactly the same’.

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