And yet again, the packaging wins me over…

It’s pretty easy to get my attention, just put something in nice packaging and I’m all over it.  During my Yorkshire weekend, we (my Sister and I) popped into Waitrose for a quick shop and I took it as an opportunity to buy some sweet things for the boys.

I totally fell in love with the boxes of these Artisan Biscuits, the contents were rather nice too, especially the  Lemon Curd flavour and they were shaped beautifully as well (sorry, we ate them before I could get the camera out!).

I couldn’t resist adding a couple of boxes of fruit Yo-Yo’s to the trolly, again with pretty nifty packaging.

I also recently fell in love with these ‘Postcarden‘ which I saw on Mother Baby Earth blog (if you don’t read Kath’s amazing blog you really should, she was once kind enough to feature The Linen Cat and I’ve been following ever since).

I let the boys choose which one they wanted, Felix opted for ‘Conservatory’ and Charlie for ‘Allotment’

once assembled and filled with the provided cress seeds, they were super quick to sprout

unfortunately, Felix wasn’t as impressed with the taste! He was happy to nibble a bit but wouldn’t let me put any in his egg sandwiches.  As the name suggests, the reverse of the box is a postcard so you can mail them off as gifts, needless to say I’ve stocked up on a few for the many parties F gets invited to now he’s at school; honestly, his social life is much better than mine, he seems to be out partying most weekends 🙂

8 thoughts on “And yet again, the packaging wins me over…

  1. Hi Beth what a visual feast this post is! The biscuits look gorgeous and the growing postcards are a lovely idea. Hope you have a great weekend. Justine xx

  2. Hiya – reading your posts is just too dangerous. I’m off to check out Mother Baby Earth now and am quite sure I’ll end up hooked on lots of lovely stuff. I love the cress postcards. I have been meaning to grow cress with the kids for a while so this may just have to be tried and tested. Juliex

  3. I would have been won over by these packages too. Lemon curd biscuits? I wish I had one right now.

    So those postcards have a little pop-up seed planting area in them? Brilliant!

  4. I must say those artisan vanilla biscuits are as yummy as their packaging!
    I’ve not seen the yoyo’s before they look great, I fancy something sweet to eat now so I’m off to raid the boys goodies!!!
    Have a good weekend
    Jenny x

    • Just ordered some for Ocado delivery tomorrow (the Artisan biscuits that is) they are such a nice treat, especially as C loves the shapes.

  5. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for your nice words. It’s lovely to see Felix & Charlie setting up the Postcarden cards.
    Too bad I missed your giveaway – it would be so lovely to win your Linen Cat.
    Your blog (& of course your sewing) is as charming as ever – keep up the great work!


  6. I bought the Artisan biscuits too – purely because of the fantastic illustrations. I told myself it was a cute patriotic snack whilst they watched England play in the World Cup, but the lemon curd flavour did not go down well at all.

    Have to say the Postcarden’s are a brilliant idea, I think I’ll visit that blog and tell them direct too!

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