Bunny Love…

It’s been one of those days today, I woke, did the school runs, did my run (I’m getting a lot better and have dropped most of the intervals but would love to see a bit of weight loss, hey-ho) bathed then arrived downstairs knowing I only had 1 hour before picking Mr C up.  As always, I had soooo many jobs I wanted to do and struggled to decide which ones to attack first, I feel like I’m treading water at the moment but my pyjamas are running out of air quicker than I can blow them back up! (do they still do that in swimming exams?)

I am so far behind in my blog reading I have stopped commenting, the garden is taking up a lot of my time and I haven’t even had a chance to re-read through the comments from the Giveaway.  I realised I never thanked everyone for taking the time to drop by and say ‘hello’, it really is a pleasure to read what has been written, so…huge thank you!

Back to the subject at hand, I have been lapse in many areas and am trying to catch-up, I always feel a lot better as I tick of the mental list in my head so I have pushed myself to complete some open projects and hurrah! I have finished the latest batch of Bunny Lavender Bags.  I think they will be the last as I’m out of wool serge and much as I love them they are quite time consuming.

They are available online at The Shop and also on Folksy.

I am not only having bunny love at the moment but the Ellie fabric from Michael Miller is my new favourite so I finished the first batch of Lavender Birds in new colours starting with this

I have changed the ‘tweed’ wings to linen but otherwise they are to the old design, it’s one I really like and I have a number of these hanging around the house.

Right, I had better get back to the list and to reduce it before M’s next US trip, which is imminent ash cloud and strike permitting, or I really will need more than a pair of PJ’s to keep me afloat!

18 thoughts on “Bunny Love…

  1. I love the Elle fabric too! Looks good with the linen on the lavender bird and really eye catching on bunnies tum!

    • Thank you! It’s quite hard to buy now, I got myself a little stash but tried to order some in the US (for M to bring back on his next trip) and everyone had sold out. It’s one of those perfect all-rounder fabrics, especially as it’s quite a small print.

  2. Hooray Horray Beth, I’m going to the shop right now!! Now I’d like your bestest packaging please for my order so that I can learn how to make my goodies look extra special when I launch my website later this summer!

    • Ohhh look forward to your website launch and many thanks for the order! Hope the packaging is up to scratch 😉

  3. yep, i remember swimming in my pyjamas…it always confused me…i get that thye have to see if you can swim with clothes on….but what are the chances of you being in the sea (or any other vast volume of water) in your pyjamas?? perhaps they fear dream swimming or something.
    dont worry about the whole commenting malarky, i know how you feel, the shop is manic busy (altho’ not with customers who venture up the stairs) busy with other shops enquring about our stuff and tutorials we said we would do….
    the bunnies look great

    • the bit I remember is having to remove them whilst treading water then tie up the legs and blow them up with air to use as a float….not sure that’s gonna help if I’m wearing a skirt when I am stuck in deep water!
      hope the busy shop is a good kind of busy, even if it isn’t direct customers. bx

  4. Rebecca I can vouch they smell truly divine as I received mine this morning!!

    Beth I hope you don’t mind I’ve blogged about my gorgeous bunnies, the gorgeous packaging they came in and linked to your blog and website. Thanks so much for my birdie too I love it!

    Ps If you do mind I will of course edit my blog! Thanks again! Big Hugs!! J xx

  5. Beth

    I love the bunnies! I still haven’t find a place for mine, I keep moving him around the house 🙂
    And about the bird… well, I must say that I might get another one as were I have place it looks a bit lonely.


  6. Sounds like you’re a bit snowed under just now. Hope things pick up soon.
    Well done with the running, I think it sometimes takes a while to see much effect….and at least you’re being healthier if nothing else!
    The Ellie fabric is stunning. What a shame its getting hard to find. It always seems to be the way – best to by loads if you really like something….I can just see John trying to get his head round that kind of fabric logic!

  7. Hi Beth, The bird and bunnies are gorgeous. It’s so annoying when yummy fabric is in short supply. All of my local suppliers have stopped selling unbleached linen which is going to be a real pain when my stash has been used up. I have faith that the Universe will provide and something even nicer will turn up!

    Well done with your runs too … it’ll all be worth it in the end. Bethan X

  8. Beth,
    thank you for the lovely comment on my 1940s post!
    I do love your birds and their fancy tails!

  9. oh how much do i love these! I’m working my way through your blog, loving every thing you make – you are one seriously talented lady, though I’m sure you know that!

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